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   Chapter 57 She Doesn't Love You Enough

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"So you mean that the X Group is more important than my happiness?" John replied with a mocking smile.

"That's not what I meant." Mrs. Xu hastily explained, "do you still remember the time when your father's friend provided funds to help us when the X Group was in danger?"

"Of course I remember him. But he went back on his word in the end. We were disappointed because of him!" "Humph!".

"It's not that he has changed his mind. It's just that he was threatened and he doesn't dare to help us," Said Mrs. Xu with a sigh.

"Threatened?" "Who's threatening him?" Asked John.

"It's Lucas!" Mrs. Xu murmured in a low voice.

"What?" John almost jumped up from the bed, and his face was covered with extreme anger. He thought that Lucas just took advantage of it, but he didn't expect Lucas to play tricks on him and Sophia. No wonder during that period, the stock of the X Group suddenly plummeted, and the partners also withdrawn one after another. It turned out that it was all Lucas' fault!

"Lucas, you bastard!" He clenched his fists and roared. A strong sense of hatred rose from the chest to the eyebrows. If it were not for Lucas, the rest of the things would not have happened, and he and Sophia would not have been separated! There was nothing in this world that John could do to avenge Lucas. He would repay Lucas twice!

The next day, Lucas came with experts. After a thorough check, they decided to carry out a craniotomy operation for John two weeks later.

Back in the ward, he deliberately said he wanted to eat some strange fruits. He asked Sophia to buy for him and sent her away.

Lucas poured him a glass of water, but he didn't drink it. He turned around to look at him.

"Lucas, does Sophia love you?" He asked slowly.

"This question is very strange. You shouldn't have asked me this."

"You dare not answer me, right?" A faint, sarcastic smile spilled over the corners of John's mouth. "Because she doesn't love you enough."

His words stabbed in the heart like a sharp knife. "The relation

"Sophia, sit down for a while. I have something to tell you." He patted on the bedside table.

She put down the bowl and sat down on the chair beside the bed. "What do you want to say?"

He pursed his dry lips. "How much do you know about Lucas?"

"Why do you ask me this question all of a sudden?" She was stunned for a while.

"Nothing. It's just an idle question." He waved his hand and turned his tone, "Sophia, thank you for taking care of me these days."

"John, why do you say that? If you hadn't pushed me away, I should be the one lying on the bed." She put a pillow behind him to make him feel more comfortable.

He turned his head and looked at her with his empty eyes: "Sophia, don't come again. I am recovering well. Don't worry."

"What's wrong, John? Why do you say something like that?" She was shocked.

"If you come over often, he will be unhappy." He lowered his head and looked gloomy and dismal.

"Did he say something to you this morning?" Her heart shrank all of a sudden.

"No, he didn't say anything." He shook his head and blinked his eyes unconsciously.

She could tell that he was lying. Every time he lied, he would blink. Even if he couldn't see now, he couldn't get rid of his habit.

"John, don't hide anything from me. Tell me, what did he say to you?" She held his shoulder anxiously.

"He said..."

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