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   Chapter 48 It Is Your Responsibility and Obligation to Spend Money for Me

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At this moment, Sandra forced Mandy to kneel down to get justice for her daughter.

After figuring out what had happened, Maggie said.

"You admit defeat for bet. You don't even have the courage to bet at that time! Poor people like to do anything that requires dignity and suffering! " She said in a sharp voice and stared at Sophia.

Glancing at her, Sophia suddenly remembered that there was a card in her hand, which was bought for her by Lucas. She didn't want to take it at all. But she heard that this card couldn't be cancelled and that her name was printed on it. Because it was designed for her and others couldn't use it, she reluctantly accepted it. She planned to let it sleep for a hundred years, but she didn't expect it to come in so soon.

She took a step forward and stood in front of Sandra. "Aunt, in that case, if you lose, you will kneel down, scold yourself and hit your own lips!"

Hearing that, the corners of Sandra's mouth twitched. She said, "if you can afford it, I will kneel down!"

"Well, in this case, let all the people present give us a witness!" With a thin smile, she took out a black card from her bag and handed it to the manager. "Please have a look. Can I use it?"

The manager took it and checked it. He smiled from ear to ear immediately. His attitude was better than before. He beckoned to his men to pack the bracelets and make coffee for them.

The eyes of Sandra and her daughter widened. They were extremely suspicious that if they had come across the nine star company bead and suddenly traveled to another parallel world.

Mandy showed them the well packaged bracelets, "I've bought them. Don't waste time. Get down on your knees. My son-in-law will come to pick us up for dinner later."

"Well, don't call that early. It's not the start yet." Hearing that, Sandra could not help but curl her mouth. She was quite certain that she would be able to help her daughter to take over Lucas.

"Don't change the topic. Kneel down, now!" Mandy waved her hand.

With her hands crossed in front of her chest, she continued, "I won't kneel down. What can you do to me?" She held her neck high, as if a dead pig was not afraid of hot water.

As far as Mandy was c

asite. I have hands and feet. I can support myself. Why should I use your money?"

"Because you are my woman. It's your responsibility and obligation to spend money for me, and you must fulfill it!" He snapped.

She sighed in her heart.

To be honest, it was not a matter of money, but her self-esteem.

His excellence, to her, was a burden and pressure that allowed her to feel inferior and deepen in her heart. In her heart, she always held the thought that they were not of the same family. Even if they were of different backgrounds, she still hoped to catch up with him with her own hard work. But they were separated by the time of light. Even if she was at a place far lower than supersonic speed, the distance between them was still far too long. He and she were destined to be far apart from the Milky way all their lives, and they were destined not to be "equal" all their lives. She had to keep her independent to prevent her little self-esteem from being hurt.

When she was lost in thought, he put his arm around her shoulder and said, "go to the chamber of commerce tomorrow evening with me!"

She was stunned. She had never attended any grand occasion with him. If she remembered correctly, his father was the president of the chamber of commerce. Was he trying to take her to meet his parents?

When she thought about this, she became nervous. But what she didn't know was that the people she saw at the dinner party was not only the father of Lucas!

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