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   Chapter 47 The Duel

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Seeing them quarreling, the manager immediately came out to rescue them. Since Mandy took a fancy to this bracelet first, they decided to give her the right to buy first.

Mandy stood up with a triumphant smile. The woman was furious and shouted at the manager unwillingly, "you have to open your eyes and look at them carefully. They can't even afford half the money!"

"Sandra, what if I can afford it?" Mandy stared at her with hands akimbo.

"Do you think I don't know what you are doing in A City? If you either help to take care of the baby, or do a cleaner in the building, how much money do you make?" In the past few years, she 'cared about' Mandy's situation from time to time, so she was sure that Mandy couldn't afford the bracelet. "Mandy, let's make a bet. If you can't afford it today, then get down on your knees and kowtow to me for three times!"

"Well, if I can afford it, you can kneel in front of me, slapping yourself and cursing yourself!" Mandy said word by word.

With her face turning ghastly pale, Sandra crossed her arms, "Mandy, just wait and see."

"You should kneel before me." Mandy took out all the bank cards in her bag. Sophia was about to stop her, but she saw her mother ground her teeth and swear not to give up. It seemed that she had a deep hatred with Sandra for eighteen years. She estimated that her mother had been frugal these years, and she also sent 10 thousand back home every month for the past six months. With the total of 25 thousand, she should have. Even if it was not enough, she could get 100000 in credit card, which should be enough for her to pay. It was not a big deal to think about it. After all, people could live for a while!

However, the cashier's next words were totally out of her expectation.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Mandy. The total price of your three bank cards is only fifty thousand."

"No way!" Mandy stood up from the chair and rolled her eyes. Suddenly, she screamed, "Oh, I forget, your aunt borrowed one hundred and fifty thousand from me when your elder brother married to buy a house!"


Hearing that, Sandra was so angry that she almost passed out. Her face was flushed with shame. Some were purple while some were gold. Sophia cursed inwardly! When she was about to call her "accomplice", a sweet voice came from behind. "Mommy, I was looking for you everywhere. It turns out that you are here."

At the sight of the woman, Sophia felt confused and spit out blood. She finally knew the reason why the bitch looked familiar to her.

"I really didn't expect to meet you here?" Asked the woman, surprised to see Sophia. Disdain was written all over her face, as if she thought that Sophia was not qualified to come here.

"That's right, Maggie. I didn't expect it either!" "Humph!".

"Do you know each other?" Mandy and Sandra said almost with one voice. They stared at each other and turned their heads.

"She is the woman I told you to steal Lucas from me." Maggie said to her mother in a low voice, which was enough for Mandy to hear every word. Sandra's daughter was a bitch. Unfortunately, the history would never be repeated, and this time her daughter would do this for her!

Hearing that Sophia was her daughter's rival in love and her failure in front of her, Sandra was angry and hateful. Even if she racked her brain to do this, she would spare no effort to help her daughter to win over Lucas. She would never let Sophia defeated daughter!

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