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   Chapter 46 Melancholy

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Suddenly, he knelt on one knee and took out a velvet box from his pocket, in which there was a strange and flaunting diamond ring.

The ring was made of platinum. Several gold diamonds were embedded into the shape of crescent. Around the ring was a blue diamond as deep as the earth in the center.

She opened her mouth wide as if she was frightened.

"Marry me, Sophia." He took her hand.

She was at a loss for words. She didn't know what to do. She was unable to think. She felt blocked by thousands of complex and unknown feelings. She just stared at Lucas dully.

He put the ring on her slender ring finger.

He didn't need her answer. He would marry her!

A cool wind blew in from the window. He lifted her to his chest and put her on the bed.

The bed was very soft, like what she felt now, very drunk.

Her heart was light and relaxed, as if she was dreaming. The only thing that could make her feel real was the shining ring on her finger, which was too heavy for her to ignore.

After a long time, she finally woke up. But the moment she opened her mouth, she made him want to spit blood.

"Well, we get engaged first, and then get married in two years?"

"Sophia!" He stared at her and asked, "do you have premarital phobia?"

"I just think we should wait until our relationship is more stable." She pouted. Only half a year after her mother and that bastard got married, he cheated on her mother and abandoned her and her mother. She didn't want to repeat her mother's bad behaviors.

"What are you worrying about?" His tightly frowned eyebrows were not only filled with fury that he was trying to restrain, but also hurt a little.

"Lucas." She put her arms around his neck and said, "I want to try harder to close the distance between us. You don't know that the people always think that I don't deserve your love, which will hurt my self-esteem." She did not speak out the reason above, which could be seen from his expression that he was obviously displeased. Raising questions about his feelings again, he deliberately went crazy. The second reason was simple and realistic. There was indeed a gap between him and her. Th

m her bag and handed it to shop assistant. "Please help me wrap it up. I'm busy."

Shop assistant felt embarrassed. She turned to look at Mandy, "Madam, are you sure you want it?"

"Yes!" Mandy nodded.

The lady sneered. "Do you have money to pay? This is not a place for you to show off. " She went to the sign, and stretched out her shining nails to count one zero and one zero. After counting, she covered her mouth and giggled, "six figures. Open your eyes and make a clear number, and don't miss a few zero."

"So what? I know you well. You love to collect other people's belongings, but even if I throw up the money this time, I won't give it to you!" Mandy was a tough woman. She wouldn't have been so easy to mess with. Sophia took a deep breath. Her mother was a tolerant person. It was her first time to see her mother being mad with others. It seemed that Sandra Peng was not only not a friend of her mother, but also a rival!

Hearing that, Sandra's face turned blue. She said, "Mandy, you are really good at comforting yourself. You have always been defeated by me, and you have always been."

"Yes. In this world, if anyone dares to take food from other people's mouths and eat it as the most delicious food, no one will ever eat it except you!" Mandy snorted from her nose. Hearing that, several clerks at the special storefront were stomachache. They were all staring at Sandra with extremely strange expressions.

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