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   Chapter 44 You Want It

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Sophia had been locked up in the basement for two weeks, No daytime.

There was no dark night.

There was always a dim wall lamp in front of her.

She only had dinner once or two days.

She was so hungry that she gobbled it down, not caring whether the food was sour or not.

Then she lay back on the bed.

The food was so little. Having eaten less, Sophia got more and more weak and soon fell into a coma.

Then she was woken up by Jenny. She grabbed her hair and dragged her to the cement ground.

Sophia was too weak to fight back and said weakly, "so, you are the one who kidnapped me?"

"Let me tell you, I'm going to marry Lucas!" She looked rather complacent.

"You kidnapped me and threatened him to marry you?" "There are many kinds of shameless people in the world, but you are already invincible."

"You are the most shameless one!" Jenny became angry from embarrassment. She raised her hand to slap Sophia across the face. Then she slapped her back again. Blood was flowing from the corner of Sophia's mouth. Sophia sneered, suddenly rushing to Jenny with all her strength and biting her hand hard.

Jenny cried out in pain, "come in quickly and teach her a lesson."

On hearing this, two masked men rushed in and gave Sophia a kick and a punch. Sophia was in coma in pain. Jenny's anger subsided a little. She kicked hard at Sophia's belly before she left.

The chillness of the air permeated the ground, wet and cold.

Sophia was lying on the ground. Her thin dress was soon wet through.

As time went by little by little in the darkness, her blood was also frozen little by little, but the faith that kept living in her brain tenaciously supported her life.

A glimmer of light came through the gap under the iron gate.

The next morning.

The endless quietness was shattered like ice.

There was noise outside, howling like a ghost, and kicking the door heavily.

The door was kicked open.

"Sophia--" a familiar voice came into her ears. She struggled hard and cracked her heavy eyelids slightly.

A face was blurred and body was shaking in front of her.

"Lucas..." She muttered weakly, with a tear spilling from the corner of her eyes. "No You are not him You are an angel to take

ess circle!"

Hearing this, even Jacob was shocked.

Peter didn't take it seriously. No matter how snobbish Mo family was, it couldn't extend its business in Australia, which was why he dared to ignore Mo family's threat to Lucas.

Unfortunately, he underestimated Lucas too much.

In the following month, the Xue Group's stock kept plummeting until it was at the lowest point. All of the shareholders began to sell their stocks, and then Lucas took the opportunity to buy the shares of the Xue Group.

The next month, all of unknown illegal scenes of the Xue Group were exposed. Peter was prosecuted by the police. A large number of partners withdrew investment, and a lot of contracts were terminated.

In the third month, Peter was removed from the board. All the shareholders of the Xue Group showed their loyalty to ZW Group, and Lucas successfully took over the Xue Group.

In the Maud mountain villa, he handed over a share transfer agreement to Jacob.

"This is what you want!"

Jacob took a drag on his cigar and looked at his son meaningfully. "Don't you plan to discipline yourself?"

"I'm not interested in Australia for the time being!" Lucas shrugged and said, "I just want you to know what I want and I will get it myself. I don't need to sacrifice my marriage and happiness! So, my marriage is up to me! "

Jacob spread out his hands and said, "you've grown up and your wings are getting stronger. Even if I want to help you, I can't do anything about it."

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