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   Chapter 42 Provoke Dissension

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When Sophia woke up, it was four days later.

She opened her weak eyes, only to see an exhausted face of Lucas.

No, not only was he exhausted, but he also should be in a mess.

And his thick hair was in a mess.

His handsome face was pale and haggard, with thick stubble around his chin, which was as smooth as before.

And there were also two tight eyebrows, which were full of worries, worry and tiredness.

His deep eyes were filled with unspeakable pain, as if he was the one who was hurt.

"Sophia, you woke up." He tried to smile to her, and even his smile looked haggard. He had stayed here for four days and four nights, without even a second or a second to close his eyes.

She tried to sit up, but her heart ached as she moved. "Yes." Sophia replied in a low voice.

"Don't move. The wound hasn't healed yet." He held her and began to make bed on her bed. The doctor said that her heart was almost broken by the shard of glass. He was scared after thinking about it.

However, what she cared about was not her own injury, but his plan failed as her relationship with Lucas was exposed.

"Lucas, you should go back now. I'm fine. You staying here for too long will raise suspicion."

He held her hands and said, "don't worry. I'll handle it. The only thing you need to do now is to get well as soon as possible."

She nodded and pouted playfully, "I don't want you to marry Jenny anyway."

Jenny! Upon hearing the name, Lucas was infuriated. Michell told him everything. It was Jenny who tripped Sophia up.

At that time, Jenny was very disappointed about Sophia's safety. It was a pity that the sparrow didn't die.

She opened the door, intending to drive out for a walk. But when she opened the door of the garage, her eyes were shocked by the horrible scene.

Her pink Ferrari was decorated with holes all over the car.

"Ah --" hardly had she finished screaming in panic, she was covered by a big hand, and then she was dragged back to her apartment like a slaughtered lamb, and thrown heavily on the floor.


y, the door opened. Two masked men rushed out and pulled her into the car.

A piece of white cloth covered her mouth and nose

It was still silent on the way.

A fierce wind swept through the night, The miserable whistling sounded like the chimes of ghost on the ground.

Deep in the shadow, a dull sound of a engine broke the darkness of the night.

The black minibus sped through the flickering light and disappeared in the night

When she woke up, she found herself in a small and dark room without a window. There was only a closed iron door, like a underground room.

The air was cold and moist, filled with a strong musty smell and the smell of smoke, which made her choked.

There was nothing but a bed and a yellowing wall lamp.

She struggled to her feet and pounded the door. "Who are you? Let me out!"

No one answered.

A strong sense of fear took over her.

Did Lucas know that she was kidnapped?

How would they blackmail him?

She couldn't imagine.

How could her mother live alone if she died like this?

Tears streamed down her cheeks at the thought of her mother.

Suddenly, they heard some footsteps from outside. The small door for a dog to get out was opened and a plate of food was handed in.

There was a strong and sour smell in the porridge. She thought it might be roasted?

These bastards! She cursed them!

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