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   Chapter 41 Father And Daughter Of Xue Family

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The only thing she could do now was to wait, waiting for Cindy to force Jenny to leave. However, Jenny was unwilling to leave. It seemed that it would take a lot of time and mind for her to be trapped in the Mo family.

The next day, before dawn, Sophia went back to Jay's apartment. Jay also came back and was about to call her.

"Sophia, where have you been? You didn't come back last night, did you? "

"You can go to the night club, so can't I?" She pouted. Jay leaned to smell her. He was relieved to find that there was no smell of alcohol from it. Otherwise, he was afraid that Sophia was turned down. "If you want to go to a nightclub, do you want to go with me?"

"Can I go to your place?" She yawned and made herself a cup of coffee.

"You are right." Jay smiled while scratching his head.

After drinking the coffee, Sophia went back to catch up on sleep. She was so sleepy. She didn't sleep the whole night because of Lucas. The saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder"?

In the afternoon, she was woken up by a scream from Jay!

"Wow! It's getting more and more interesting!"

"What?" She opened the door and rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"Come and have a look." He waved at her.

She walked to the computer and took a look. Then she was shocked.

"Jenny, the heiress of black tortoise from Australia, has secretly engaged to Mr. Lucas, and Cindy is now a mistress."

It must be the plot of Jenny's father, Peter Xue. He was displeased with the gossip about Lucas' mansion and his intention was to pressure Mo Family, asking them not to delay the wedding. Xue family had started to enter K Country. Instead of Mo family, Xue family hoped their marriage to be successful. In this way, Xue family could be able to expand its domestic market with the help of Mo family.

It seemed that things were getting more and more complicated. Sophia was a little worried.

The next day was ZW Group's anniversary ceremony. The CEO office and the public relations department were responsible for arranging the venue and greeting guests.

At the banquet hall of Penisula Hotel, it was a large and luxurious hall.

From the list of guests, she saw the names of Xue family. She didn't expect tha

talking with her. Unexpectedly, she stretched out her foot and tripped her hard.

Unprepared, Sophia stumbled forward and bumped into the waiter who was walking towards her with champagne.

The bottle in the waiter's hand fell to pieces.

Champagne was bubbling on the floor.

She apologized while squatting to clean it up. Suddenly, she slipped on the champagne, and fell heavily to the ground.

A sharp pain in the back almost made her faint. A surge of warm liquid gushed out and stained the white bubbles on the floor.

She struggled to get up, but the sharp pain had sucked out all her strength, and also took away her consciousness.

"Oh my God! Sophia was injured. Help me!" When Michell saw it, she screamed and ran to her.

Lucas jumped up from his seat and dashed towards her at supersonic speed. "Sophia --" looking at her in the blood, he heartily picked her up and crazily rushed out.

The hall fell into silence. People were still in a state of shock.

As Jenny looked at the blood on the ground, she was struck with indescribable joy. But the feeling soon was replaced by strong jealousy and resentment.

Lucas seemed very nervous. Did he still care about that rotten sparrow?

Sophia was just a useless woman.

She couldn't figure it out.

Peter gazed at the direction that Lucas disappeared, with a sinister sneer on the corner of his mouth.

He had been worried that he couldn't find Lucas' weakness, and now it had a breakthrough.

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