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   Chapter 39 Why Are You Here

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As she thought of this, Sophia felt a little helpless. It seemed that she regarded John as her friend more than anything else. People were always emotionless towards each other, and if they just faded away, it would be very difficult for them to restore their relationship. She knew this and also knew how to cherish fate. She had been persistent and strived for John, but only to be exhausted as a result.

"John, there are many good girls in the world and you don't need to waste time on me. I think the best relationship between us is to be friends."

"Why? Didn't you break up with Lucas?" An expression of sadness flashed across John's face. She shook her head, "it has nothing to do with Lucas. I don't think we are right for each other."

"We were born together. If we were not the right one for each other, then there would be no other suitable man in the world."

"John." She looked at him, with a bitter smile at the corners of her mouth. "Whether I am suitable or not has nothing to do with time. It is a matter of character and family. Your family will not accept me. If you want to make a choice between your family and me, you must give up me."

This words hit John's heart. His eyes moved slightly and there was a guilty look in his eyes. He said, "my mother has agreed to let us go. There is no obstacle."

"Really?" She smiled coldly. "How about asking your mother out for a meal later to ask her?" Perhaps only in this way could John really give up.

"Okay. I'll call my mother now. If she's okay with it, you can't refuse me again." There was a glimmer of hope in the smile of Viola.

She nodded. She knew very well that unless the sun rose in the west, the moon fell in the East, or she would become a daughter of a rich family in one go. Otherwise, the snobbish Mrs. Xu would never accept her.

Hearing that her son would invite her for dinner, Mrs. Xu came to the shop selling beef in high spirits. Her face darkened as soon as she saw Sophia.

"Why are you here?" She pouted with anger.

"Mrs. Xu, th


Sophia curled her lips into a sarcastic smile.

"John, now you see it? I'm leaving now. " She stood up and smiled at Mrs. Xu, "please enjoy yourself." Then she strode away.

"Sophia!" "Let her go. If you dare to chase her out, I'll die in front of you," said Mrs. Xu, gritting her teeth

"Mom, please, don't push me anymore." John tried to push her mother's hand away, but unexpectedly, her mother took the fork and stabbed it into her own arm.

"Mother..." shouted John, as he grabbed her wrist and the fork from her hand, "well, well, I won't go with her. I won't go with her anyway, okay?" He sat back on the floor helplessly.

Said Mrs. Xu, with a smile on her face. How could she bear to hurt herself? She just pretended to scare her son. After all, the trick always works.

At this time, Sophia did not go far. Standing in front of the French window of the restaurant, she saw clearly what had happened just now. She smiled sadly and the last attachment for John, like indifference, floated away.

When she arrived at the apartment and saw Jay, a rage rose to her head.

"Oh, my God! Do you think I'm not so unlucky and miserable enough? And you're calling John to irritate me again!"

Jay pressed her shoulder and consoled her, "don't worry, Sophia. I have a good news to tell you. It's a big secret. Lucas is doomed this time."

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