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   Chapter 38 It's Over

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Lucas was more defiant than his father. He set himself up because he didn't want to be bound by anyone.

After coming out of the house, he went to Cindy's villa first and then to Jay's apartment. When he opened the door, Sophia deliberately sat on the sofa to play with her iPad, without answering him.

"Are you still mad at me?" He sat down beside her and held her in his arms.

She shook off his hand and turned her head, still ignoring him.

"Sophia." He put his arm around her shoulder and looked at her deeply. He pursed his lips and said slowly, "it's my fault. I didn't consider it well, right..."

She covered his mouth with her hand, and said, "all right, I don't need your apology, as long as you can think for me and for us in the future." She knew when enough is enough.

"Sophia!" Lucas moved and held her in his arms. He sucked the fragrance of her hair greedily and said, "I miss you. I can't sleep well without you by my side." She buried her head in her chest. She was also missing him. Without him by her side, she slept well. She was even afraid that he was really tired of her. She said, "Lucas, you promise me, no matter what happens, don't lie to me, even if it is a white lie, okay?"

"Okay." He nodded solemnly. After a while of silence, he whispered, "now, there really is something I have to remind you in advance."

"What is it?" She was slightly stunned and looked up at him.

He lowered his head and said to her ear.

An hour later, she left Jay's apartment with him and came back at dusk. She even packed up all her belongings in Bluwater Villa.

As soon as he got home, he was shocked to see the living room full of shopping bags and Sophia who was sitting on the sofa with tears all over her face and pushing food into her mouth.

"Sophia, what are you..."

"Our relationship is completely over." She sobbed while speaking ambiguously, with the cake in her mouth.

"Really?" His eyes widened.

"Jay, I want to tell you

d, pretending to be comforting her. She was happy that Jenny would not get married with Lucas. She could only wait and see when they had a quarrel.

The first battle between Jenny and Cindy was going on the Internet. The news about them attracted a lot of people's attention on the Internet and became the first topic. Their fans were divided into two groups, fighting with each other fiercely. Some of them followed suit on the Internet, with the purpose to make friends with each other.

The paparazzi were more than happy. They followed Cindy and Lucas secretly every day to get the first prize, including Jay. Of course, he had another purpose: to avenge Sophia and to inform John.

Since their reunion, John had been upset and went abroad for relaxation. As soon as she got a call from Jay, he boarded the plane back to the Pacific Ocean immediately. Her heart sank again.

Sophia was taken aback by John's sudden appearance.

"Sophia, come back to me. Let's start all over again, okay?" He took her hand and she tried to break away from him, but he refused to let her go.

"John, too many things have happened these days, and my mind is in a mess. I just want to be alone for a while." She frowned.

"Okay, I can wait, I will wait for your heart to calm down." He knew that he needed to be patient.

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