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   Chapter 37 Being Separated Is Good For Each Other

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"If you are tired of playing with me, just tell me. I am a straightforward person and I will never badger you." She pushed him away with brute force and turned to go upstairs.

He caught up with her from behind and grabbed her thin shoulders. "Listen to me, honey. There is no first love. Cindy is very special. She is different from other women. I never date with her, and there is no way that we can be together. No matter in the past or now, I am just acting with her. And give her the favor that she got hurt for me while we were climbing rock. " He gazed at her without blinking. There was no sign of lying on his face, but she was still angry. She would never fall down at the same place twice.

"Leave me alone." She shook off his hand coldly and ran upstairs. He scratched his head and sat on the stairs. "Damn it! Cindy!" He cursed in his throat, thinking that he was really going to die because of her this time.

After locking her bedroom for the whole night, she went to the bedroom and packed up some clothes early the next morning. When she opened the door, she found that Lucas was waiting for her outside. When he saw the big bag in her hand, he was shocked. "Where are you going, Sophia?"

"I'm going to live in Gerard's house for a couple of days. I need some time to calm down. I can't just stay there and cool down every time I see you." Then she left.

"Sophia." He grabbed her arm and said, "why don't you trust me?"

She shook off his hand, "no matter what reasons you have, no matter if you have done it or not, if you really care about me, you should take my feelings into consideration. You will not do anything that makes me misunderstand you. At least, you should give me a warning in advance."

"Sophia..." He wanted to apologize, but he just couldn't say the rest of the words. He had never lowered his head to show his apology.

"All right, Lucas. I don't want to quarrel with each other. It's good for us to separate for a period of time." She ran out of patience and went downstairs. He didn't stop her. Maybe it would be better for her to calm down for a whi

ebellious and does not receive any education.

He didn't allow his marriage to be just a deal of mutual use, mutual cooperation and mutual benefit.

"I don't care whether my wife is a lady from a rich family or a shaggy jade. She just needs to do a little bit to make me willing to go home." He said clearly and forcefully.

Jacob's face was a little gloomy, but he did not rise a wave of anger. He knew that in dealing with his son's business, it was like beating a ball. The more hard he clapped, the more horrible the rebound force would be. "People's feelings are not always the same, but can be cultivated."

In fact, Jacob didn't have the guts to say those words out. Only after he personally experienced many things could he feel the same. But he didn't, he was very lucky that he met a woman who came from a rich family and liked her very much.

His wife, Anna Shen, was from the richest and the most powerful Oriental clan. They fell in love with each other at the first sight. This perfect marriage became the strong springboard for the black sheep to grow. His son's marriage was just like the copy of him and Anna. It was beneficial to the Mo Group. But he ignored the most important point that Lucas had no feelings for Jenny.

"I'm sorry, daddy. I'm afraid I'll only let you down." Lucas was still determined, but no one could change Jacob's mind, even if it was his own son.

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