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   Chapter 35 Sending flowers Anonymously

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"It seems that Sophia has many admirers. I need to keep an eye on her," he said to Sophia with a smile.

"It's impossible for you to have any more in your relationship with Lucas? If I had a boyfriend like Lucas, I would love him with my whole life. " Said Maggie in a soft and sweet voice.

Sophia laughed coldly. "Love can't be blind. You should have a bottom line. Don't be the shameless third party. The third party will have a bad ending. You should be struck with lightning."

"I agree with you on this point." Ellie nodded her head firmly. "I despise home wreckers most. I don't think it's shameful to make a bitch do that."

Hearing that, Maggie could not help but feel annoyed. As a matter of fact, Sophia had changed a lot to blame her. She did not care about being a third party and she had done many shameless things. As long as she liked, she had to grab it from anybody else in exchange for other people's tears. This was a sketch of her life.

Of course, this was what Sophia despised the most. She glanced at Maggie with a sullen face, turned around to look at Lucas, sliced a slice of beef, fed it into his mouth, and said, "I will never look sideways since Lucas is with me. All I care about is Lucas."

With a soft smile, he cut a piece of beef steak and fed it to her: "baby, me too."

"Could you please be more restrained? Are you trying to make us jealous? " Ellie said while rubbing her arms.

"You've got many wooers." Lucas raised his eyebrows.

"I don't like them." Ellie pouted.

"That's right, if only there could be a boy as excellent as Lucas." Maggie said. That was not only a hint. Sophia sighed and thought, 'Maggie was indeed a bitch.

Without saying anything, Lucas looked very indifferent. All he cared about was only Sophia. After dinner, they returned to Bluewater Villa and sat on the sofa together.

"Is it from John?" He asked casually. Apparently, he still took it to heart.

"I don't know.

he came out, Lucas sat on the sofa and turned on the TV, which was broadcasting the video that she just took a shower.

She smiled casually. "If you want to see it, I wash it for you every day. Why would you take pictures of me in secret?"

With a weird smile on his face, he reached for the remote control and said, "believe it or not, everyone can see your bath all over the world as long as I gently pressed the button."

"What What do you mean? " Jenny was shocked.

"Don't you like to snap photos?" Lucas said slowly.

"I I am not! " Jenny gave a chill.

He threw a pile of photos to her, in which there were private detectives who had been beaten black and blue. "He said everything."

Jenny's dark eyes rolled a few times. She sat beside Lucas and tugged his sleeve, acting like a spoiled child. "I did it all for your good. Sophia is a bitch. She is cheating on you. You should know the truth."

"Jenny, you are as stubborn as a mule. If you dare to trick me again, I'll let the whole world see you," he warned.

"What How dare you! " Jenny's face turned pale with fear.

"Is there anything in the world that I dare not do?" With a groan, he shook off her hand, stood up from the sofa and walked out directly.

Jenny's legs became soft like mud and she fell on the carpet.

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