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   Chapter 34 We Will See

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A sinister smile appeared on Maggie's face. She hated Sophia. Sophia seemed to be growing three eyes, and every time she stepped into the 35th floor, she would be intercepted by Sophia.

CEO's office was on the 36th floor, but the employee elevator could only reach the CEO Office on the 35th floor. After the secretary's permission, she was allowed to take the elevator on the 36th floor, so she hadn't been allowed to see Lucas until today.

This time, she finally found an opportunity to go to Jane's office. But when she arrived there, she saw an urgent file with the three words' urgent ' on her desk. According to the rules of the group, if any file with the name of three "urgent" was marked, it must be immediately handed to boss.

Without thinking, she secretly picked up the document. No matter what mistakes she had made since she was a child, her mother always gave her money and helped her deal with them. As time went by, she was accustomed to being regardless of the consequences. As long as her mother was there, nothing could be sorted out.

When she came out of the elevator, she met a waiter who was giving roses to Sophia.

Without doubt, she knew it must be from John, because Lucas had never had the habit of sending flowers to girls.

Sophia had been a little upset, but when she saw Maggie who came to the CEO office so frequently, she got even impatient, "is it because you are too free these days in the public relations department, or it was because Jane didn't give you any work so you go to our CEO office all day long?"

"This is an urgent document. I have to take it directly to Lucas. Please inform him." She pointed at the words' urgent 'on the file, her face smug. This time, let's see if Sophia dares to stop her or not.

However, Sophia didn't look at her all. "Maggie, watch out your words. Boss has only met you once and he doesn't know you well. Here isn't a common place. He is your boss. You can only call him boss or president with two different forms since the moment you stepped into the building of ZW Group! Do you remember? "

"You are not my boss. How dare you teach me a lesson?" Hearing that, Maggie was so angry that her face turned purple. How could a lousy sparrow like Sophia make any remarks on her?

"Because my rank is higher

hide anything from you." Ellie made a face and stuck out her tongue at him, "Lucas, now that you take over Rock Media, I will work for you from now on."

Lucas raised his eyebrows slightly, "how are you going to do that?"

"How about a movie? I made this up and acted it by myself. " Ellie said flatly. "Rock Media is going to hold a selection for super directors with the purpose of discovering talented director. You can join if you are interested."

"Great!" Ellie clapped her hands and said excitedly, "I'll get the first."

"My best friend is a reporter in the entertainment circle. If you want to make the headlines, you can ask him for help," Sophia said.

"Sophia, I didn't expect you to have a friend who would act as a paparazzo." Ellie giggled.

"I agree with you. I know he loves this job very much." Sophia said gracefully.

Looking at the two of them who were talking and laughing happily, Maggie felt extremely disappointed. She didn't want to be an invisible person. Suddenly, she thought of the roses that Sophia received this morning. The flowers Sophia received were very expensive. It must be from John. She wondered how Sophia would explain the situation.

She took a sip of champagne and smiled, "Lucas, you send flowers to Sophia every day. How romantic!"

Lucas paused and frowned, "what flowers?"

"The blue enchantress you gave to Sophia this morning. It's so large and beautiful." She said exaggeratedly and gestured with her hand.

"How obscene you are!" Sophia cursed silently.

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