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   Chapter 32 Sneak Shot

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"John." She looked at him deeply. "I think we should try to contact with others, only in this way can we more recognize our own feelings."

"Don't bother. I know my mind. I only love you. I won't love anyone else." "You can ask him how many women he has dated. Apart from material satisfaction, what else can he get from a momentary happiness and excitement?"

A mocking smile appeared on Sophia's face. What did she get from the relationship with John? She must have been unforgettable for so many years. The reason why he bowed his head was because of her mother.

"John, are you sure your mother will accept me?" A leopard cannot change its spots. Maybe her mother was born to be snobbish. She didn't believe that his mother would suddenly accept her.

John nodded, "don't worry, Sophia. When my mother found that Ella was not pregnant, she said personally in front of her, let I be in charge of my marriage, and she won't interfere."

"So that's it." Sophia laughed scornfully and thought to herself, "John, how naive you are!"! If she guessed right, you mother said that just because

ly taken photos of their movements. After they got on the car, he processed all the photos and sent them to Jenny.

Jenny picked out the most wonderful pictures and sent them to Lucas' personal mailbox anonymously. At this time, Lucas just returned to Bluewater Villa.

He frowned at the sight of the photos. She said she would have dinner with a friend, but it turned out to be John.

No matter the intimacy in the photos was true or not, when he saw that she was with John, he was jealous. At the same time, he was afraid that she would leave and return to John. He was not sure whether she loved him or not. Perhaps her love for him was not as strong as her love for John.

He was about to call her and found her back.

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