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   Chapter 31 Love Her Forever

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"Since you are so passive, how can I not force you?" Lucas scratched Sophia's nose. To be honest, she was passive. She even didn't show any affection to him. Why was she so persistent with John? It's unfair, very unfair!

She also knew that she was not fully involved. The blow from John was too heavy for her to bear. And she had formed a self-protection awareness in her heart, making her reluctant to pay any more easily. Anyway, he had made up his mind to give all his heart to her. She did not want to disappoint him. She cut a piece of goose liver and put it to his mouth. With a smile, he took it over and ate it happily. Then he wiped his mouth with a tissue. "Honey, feed me the rest."

"You are asking too much," She pouted and gave him the second one

After dinner, they strolled on the deck, enjoying the sea breeze and looking at the stars.

She flipped the short hair in front of her forehead and turned her head to look at him. "When I was a child, I always thought that if I could live in all the transparent roof houses, so that I could see the stars all over the sky when I sleep."

"Then I'll make you a new one." He held her in his arms. The moonlight poured into his eyes, and the dim light was like a thin mist, making his deep black eyes more unpredictable.

She thought he was just saying it casually so she didn't respond but smiled slightly.

"I have made up my mind." His voice sounded again, "from now on, every 100 days, we will celebrate it as an anniversary, until we are too old to move. How do you think about it?"

"Why do you think so far? Who knows what will happen in the future?" She shook her head with a bitter smile.

duck tongue and blinds.

He took a bite and smiled, "the food outside is not as delicious as your home-made food. When can you cook for me again?"

She shook her head with a smile, "I haven't cooked by myself for a long time." There were plenty of chefs in Lucas' villa, and there was no chance for her to cook. What's more, the chefs thought she came to grab the job.

With an indescribable touch of emotions in his eyes, he opened a can of beer, drank a few mouthfuls in silence, and then asked slowly, "is Lucas good to you?"

She was stunned and ate a few beef pieces. "It's good." she replied.

"Did he give it to you? What a generous man. A rich man like him is good at coaxing women with money. " Then he picked up the can and gulped down the beer.

Without making any response, she put down her chopsticks and took a sip of the orange juice. "John, am I a material girl who worships money?"

"I didn't mean that." He immediately explained, "I just don't want you to be cheated by him. He is just interested in you for a while. There are so many women around him, how can he be sincere to you?"

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