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   Chapter 30 Being Jealous

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"I'll go to bed." She quickly stood up. If she didn't leave, she would definitely be able to make his handsome face look like a pig's head.

He grinned and put his arm around her waist. Then he pulled her back and said, "you're my orange juice." A gentle voice came to her ears, like a breeze gently blew the turbulent waves in her heart lake.

"You have always been cheeky." She poked him on the forehead with her coquettish gesture. Then, the corners of his mouth turned down immediately. With a serious look on his face, he said, "I'm telling you the most serious truth!"

She wrinkled her nose and turned to the TV, deliberately ignoring him.

This night, she tossed and turned for a long time, and her past was like slides in her mind. She was nostalgic, and her relationship with John couldn't be completely erased in a short time, but it couldn't go back, and the missing fate would never be recovered.

The next day, when she arrived at the company, she received a delicate gift box. "A handsome man asked me to bring it to you."

"Where is he?" She was slightly taken aback.

"He put the things down and left."

The gift box was with the information of Lady Sue Bakery. Sophia opened it and saw her favorite cakes. This kind of plum blossom cake could only be found in the nearby market. And Lady Sue Bakery was the most authentic one which was specially made here.

She touched the gift box. It was still a little hot.

"Wow, it's so delicious! I really want cake from Lady Sue Bakery." Michell said with a smile.

"I bet it must be from a handsome guy." Amy said.

"So romantic! So romantic! It takes at least three hours from Q City to L City. He must set out before dawn." "When did the God give me such a prince?"

"Well, you guys." "Come here and eat with me."

She thought that maybe John was just out of a whim, but she didn't expect that the plum blossom cakes would be delivered on time for the next week. She had no choice but to send him a message.

"John, thank you for your plum blossom cake. Don't make so much trouble in the future."

"Don't you like it, Sophia?"

"It's not like that. It's hard for you to come and run in the early morning."

"It doesn't matter. As long as you like it, I will buy it for you all my life."

"John, we are only good friends now, can we?"

On the other side of the phone, the frustration of John could be imagined. He was so afraid that it really could not be repaired. Lucas was a too strong opponent. But he wouldn't give up. He knew her well. Her heart was tender, nostalgic and emotional. He believed that no one could replace him in her history.

After a long time of silence, he texted again. "Can we have dinner tonight?"


She pursed her lips and wondered what "tricks" Lucas played, because he invited her to dinner tonight.

"How about tomorrow? It's my treat," She thought she should return the money after eating his plum blossom cake for a week. She didn't owe anyone.

After work, there were few people in the parking lot. So she quickly got into his silvery Lamborghini.

"Just enjoy your meal at home. Why did you go out today?" There were several Western Chef in Bluewater Villa, so he didn't even need to go to the restaurant to have dinner.

Lucas smiled and drove the car silently.

Then he drove to the dock where a luxury cruise ship was parked.

Today, they were the only passengers.

In the deluxe restaurant on the cruise ship, there were huge French windows on each side, which were adjacent to the sea and reflecting with the sky. The blue waves und

ulated outside the windows, as if one could reach out for its soft touch.

The waiter lit some candles. The hanging candle lights shone on his perfect face. He looked like a God in the mortal world.

She sighed.

It was a sin to be so handsome.

No wonder those women scrambled to form a long line and begged him piteously.

This type of competition was too fierce, which made her lacked a sense of security.

"What's the date today? It's so grand!" She smiled faintly and rule out "it's not women's day, not Christmas nor her birthday." then "ah She screamed, "it's your birthday, Lucas!"

The man frowned and said, "Sophia, you even don't know when my birthday is?"

"You didn't tell me that, and I couldn't find it on the Internet." A girl pouted and said, "you don't know exactly when my birthday is."

"No.2 of June." The man blurted out without thinking, "you are 21 years old, type O blood, height 169, weight 96. Your favorite color is midnight blue, and your favorite dessert is the plum blossom cake from Lady Sue Bakery." he said a series of words slowly.

"Really? You investigated me?" She tilted her head and looked at him, her thick eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings.

"Since you are my woman, of course we should know you well." He raised his eyebrows slightly, picked up his phone and sent her a message: Lucas, January 12, 28 years old, type B blood, height 189 and weight 84

"Remember, don't forget!" He gave an order.

"Okay." She giggled, "tell me, what day is it today?"

He rubbed his chin and smiled, "it's our one hundredth day of dating, right?"

What? She felt a thrill in her heart. This guy was usually careless, as if nothing was in his mind. She didn't expect that he could get along well with her and didn't even remember the day.

While she was lost in thought, an extremely expensive velvet box was handed to her.

"Open it."

She was shocked and took it over. It was a diamond bracelet inside. On the top of it, there were nine heart-shaped pink diamonds which were at least six carats. Each pink diamond was inlaid with several transparent diamonds. It was obvious that the price was quite high.

She closed the box and pushed it to him, "thank you, Lucas. But it's too expensive. I can't take it."

He looked at her with his deep and intriguing eyes and asked, "tell me, do you like it?"

"Of course I do. Who doesn't like diamonds?" She blinked her eyes and put on a mischievous smile. "But I have never worn any jewelry and I'm not used to wearing it. Besides, it's so expensive. You'd better keep it for others."

"I gave it to another woman. Aren't you jealous?" The corner of his mouth turned down, quite unhappy. A woman is so indulgent with her boyfriend. Apparently, she doesn't care about her boyfriend. But 100 days has passed, she still doesn't care about him.

"I am not talking about those promiscuous women around you. You can give it to Ellie, or your mother or grandmother!" She glared at him.

He smiled and his mood turned better instantly. Ah, his emotion was totally controlled by her! He had always been calm and rational, and no one could make him be out of control. But when it came to her, the situation changed. She was like a spirit, and could easily invade his cell, making his body, brain and thoughts completely out of control. He took hold of her wrist and forcibly put the bracelet on, ignoring her refusal.

"Sophia, from now on, you must accept whatever I give you, understand?"

"Do you have OCD?" She said angrily, but the two dimples on her face revealed her happy secret.

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