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   Chapter 29 Impossible To Go Back

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"Sophia, I love you. I love you so much. I won't love others for the rest of my life. I thought of losing you, and it almost killed me." He wanted to grab her hand on the table, but as soon as he touched it, she shrank back. The reaction severely hurt his heart. "Sophia, it's all my fault. You can hit me or scold me, and you can punish me in any way you like. But don't ignore me or treat me as a stranger. Can you give me a chance to correct myself, okay?"

With mixed feelings, Sophia could hardly keep calm. She thought she had been given up John. But when she saw his haggard face and heard his pleading words, her heart twisted uncontrollably. It was difficult to come back.

"John, I don't blame you. It's true, but we can't go back."

"Why? Do you have no feelings for me anymore?" His heart sank.

She bit her lips and remained silent for a long time before she said in a low voice, "I I have a boyfriend now. "

He trembled violently all over, as if he had been attacked by a heavy sniper. "Is that Lucas?"

She acquiesced.

"No wonder." He stirred his coffee, as if venting some of his emotions. "When I was in the United States, I was so worried. I was afraid that there were other boys chasing after you, afraid that our relationship would change. When we graduated, our professor wanted to stay for further education, but I refused without hesitation. I was eager to return home and return to you, but I didn't expect that there would be something wrong with my father's company, not to mention that my mother would force me to date with Ella, I was suffering a lot those days. I was afraid that you would misunderstand me, and I didn't dare to tell you that I was back. I really hope that X Group could get rid of the crisis as soon as possible, so that we could get back to the beginning point as soon as possible. But I didn't expect that I would go further and further away from you. " His eyes were red. He shook his head and wiped a drop of tear from the corner of his eye.

"John..." She wanted to speak but stopped. Her heart was aching, and tears were dropping uncontrollably. It was said that there was no love or hatred, or that she had completely put down their love. In fact, she had deliberately suppressed her feelings for each other. How could they be able to forget each other after seven years of love?

"Sophia, are you in love with him?" He looked at her, with deep despair and fear.

"I..." She looked down, her thick eyelashes casting a strong shadow on her eyelids.

A silence fell between them.

He saw a glimmer of hope in this silence.

"Sophia, I won't give up, because I know there's no one else in the world who loves you more than I do."

She didn't say anything more. Her mind was in a mess. She was unable to think straight.

Before leaving, he took out a box from his car and gave it to her. "When you go back, then

have a look. Even if you haven't accepted me now, at least you should treat me as a friend, okay?"

She nodded silently, turned around and slowly walked away from him. In her heart, she kept asking herself, 'could she come back to John without that night?'?

Not far away, Maggie sneaked out of a corner. She took a picture of every scene at Starbucks secretly. She believed that Jenny would be interested in it.

When Sophia returned to Bluewater Villa, she didn't see Lucas. He had a video meeting with the senior management of North Sea area in the evening.

She c

urled up on the sofa and opened the box that was given to her by John.

She froze, and her heart was strongly plucked.

The box was full of folded-paper.

All of a sudden, she felt extremely sad. The same cruel conversation in the middle school came back to her.

"Sophia, I'm a careless man. If I do something wrong in the future, please forgive me, okay?"

"I can forgive you. But you can make amends if you make a mistake. You have to pay a thousand folded-paper to make amends."

"Okay, let's make a pinky swear. I'm sorry, and I broke a Jarrod. Please don't be mad at me."

"Great! You are mine! You are not allowed to change your mind in one hundred years!"

She buried her head in the pillow, and it was as soft as her will. Her eyes were burning with tears and the moisture began to form in them.

Outside, the moon was high in the sky.

If he made a mistake, could he restore it?

She put the box in the closet, turned on the TV and played a sad movie. Only in this way could she find an excuse for her tears.

Lucas came back earlier than she expected. He saw her tears before she wiped them away.

"Why are you crying?" He caressed her wet eyes.

"Nothing. I just watched a movie, and I was so moved." She forced a smile.

"You are so sentimental. You cry with tears all over your face." He then changed another movie for her. After taking a bath, he sat on the sofa and gallantly gave his arm to her as a pillow, watching the sunrise with her.

"Lucas Mo." She called in a low voice.

"When you call me full name?" He raised his eyebrows and was a little dissatisfied with this title.

"Okay, Lucas." She pouted and changed her tone at once. He turned around and kissed her on the cheek. Leaning her head on his shoulder, she asked, "I'm asking you, why do you choose me for you have so many women around you?"

He looked at her with a serene gaze. Why was it her? For the first time in his life, this girl had accidentally broken into his heart and occupied all the space. He was also moved. For the first time, he wanted to make love with her; for the first time, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and to love her forever. However, he didn't say anything. He just smiled and joked, "Because you always came out to provoke me. That makes me feel flustered. So I decide to end it directly."

But he didn't know that she was both disappointed and frustrated upon hearing that.

What answer? She knew that he didn't take her seriously. There were a lot of women around him. They were all more beautiful, noble and sexy than her. How could he care about her?

"Damn you! Who is the boss?" Sophia felt so angry that she hit on Lucas' shoulder. With a charming smile, he lowered his head and rested his chin on her shoulder. "Well, since you accepted me, you should be responsible for me for the rest of your life. Don't betray me, okay?"

"All my life? It's too long. I can't guarantee whether I'll be tired of you. " She pouted.

"I'm not a dish, I'm your main dish and a meal is not an indispensable thing." He grinned.

"Then what am I?" She held up his forehead and turned to look at him, pouting her lips in discontent.

"You..." He touched his chin and said with a touch of banter in his eyes, "it's neither a dish nor a main meal."

what? She felt that her lungs were expanding and her anger was building up. She was about to explode as she really treated her as a dispensable role?

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