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   Chapter 28 Calm Heart

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At noon, Sophia went to the office of Lucas. She thought, 'No matter what happened, I have to be prepared.'

"Your company is one of the five hundred biggest companies in the world. How can you recruit employees only depending on relationship?"

"So you come here for her?" Lucas asked with a smile

"You know it?" She was startled.

"Is there anything I don't know in the company?" With these thoughts in his mind, he could not help but spread out his hands. Before the entry formalities of Maggie were completed, Michell had called him in his office.

"Then you don't care?" She gave him an angry look.

"How could I have time to keep you company if I even took care of the stuff in the interview department?" He smiled and reached out to pull her into his arms. Sophia pushed him away even before Lucas could say anything. "People in the public relations department are all extraordinary ones. You can rest assured." Although the public relations department was not as important as the market and the research.

With a careless look on his face, Lucas answered, "I'm okay with it as long as your CEO is in charge of it."

Sophia was shocked. Did he know the relationship between CEO office and public relations department? What did he mean? "We are like fire and water now. You, the leader, should come to solve it, right?"

"As long as the profit of the company is not affected, I will take it as mutual supervision." He shrugged his shoulders and said lightly.

It suddenly dawned on her that mutual supervision should be restrained by power. A profound management art, indeed, the one who could take the position must be someone else, she needs to learn a lot. While she was lost in her thoughts, Lucas took the opportunity to put his mouth close to her and kiss

After a long while, he let go of her and put his chin on her shoulder, "a moment later, how about having lunch together?"

She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "no, I can depend on my own ability here. I don't want to be your burden." After saying that, she raised her hand to support his forehead, tidied up his clothes and walked towards the door. As for the affairs of Maggie, it would be ok as long as he knew it. She didn't have to specially emphasize it. It was always right to think consciously!

When she went back to her office, a message popped up. It turned out that the caller was a member of John.

"Sophia, are you free tonight? Let's meet."

She trembled slightly. She thought her heart had long been as calm as water, but she did not expect that there would be a hint of tranquility on it.

"We have nothing to talk about." She called back.

"Can't we be even friends?"

"We can be called friends, and we will never meet again." Her answer was cold and ruthless.

There was no response.

She threw the phone on the table.

John was the most ridiculous joke the God had ever made to her! They were born in the same delivery room on the same day. Motherfucker! This time she was able to see through and realized that the relationship between John and her was like a straw that could be easily broken down!

She sneered. She had planned not to care about the message, but her mood was so bad. She had been in a daze the whole afternoon.

In the evening, she was the last one to leave the office. As soon as she walked out of the building, she saw the familiar figure that she was also reluctant to see.


didn't want to talk to him any more and left.

"Sophia --" he followed up.

"John, do you want to invite me to your wedding or your child's one month old birthday?" She asked resentfully.

"Sophia!" Pain flashed through his eyes. It seemed that he had a bad time recently. His face was full of depression, his hair was messy, his chin was covered with stubble, and his eyes were tired. Even when he looked at her, he was withered. There was a faint smell of wine on his body. He must have drunk before he came. "Sophia, I just want to see you. There is nothing else. I want to talk to you. After that, I will leave. Ok? "

He almost begged her. Her heart was tugged. "Don't stand here any more. There's a Starbucks at the next two crossroads. Let's go there." If her colleagues saw that, she didn't know which movie they were going to write. It would definitely be a misunderstanding if it was heard by Lucas. She didn't want to waste her time to explain, but unfortunately, this scene was seen by the people who liked nothing to do.

Maggie drove her car out. She wanted to follow up and see what was going on. How could she give up?

At Starbucks, John ordered a cup of cappuccino and ordered a cup of mocha for her. Over the years, they had always ordered the same flavor to each coffee shop. They loved the way they fed each other.

"Change the latte for me. I'm tired of the mocha." Sophia asked the waiter politely.

After that, a touch of injury flied into John's eyes.

He found a sofa against the wall and sat down, holding a cup of coffee, "do you hate me very much?"

"I've decided not to love you anymore. Naturally, I won't hate you any more," she said with a cold smile Hate was born by love, and it was all up to love without love.

The corners of his mouth trembled. "It's my fault, I'm sorry for you!"

"That's all you want to say?" She took a sip of coffee and said in an indifferent tone.

"I broke up with Ella and she is not pregnant. It's really terrible for this woman to force me to marry her." He shook his head and smiled bitterly.

She was shocked slightly, but she was still calm. "That's between you and her. It has nothing to do with me."

"Hi, Sophia." He pursed his lips and said, "I want to go with you. That day when I was about to go out, my mother came and begged me. She said that if I left, she would jump off the building. I have no choice. She is my mother. She gave birth to me and raised me. I can't disobey her! " He scratched his head in pain.

Sophia laughed secretly. When John didn't want to leave her, Mrs. Xu used this to force her out.

"Let bygones be bygones."

"Will you forgive me?" There was a touch of sadness in his eyes. She shook her head, "I don't blame you any more. Maybe we are not meant to be together."

"I know I'm useless, and I let you down. I've long wanted to come to you, but I dare not. I'm afraid that you don't want to talk to me and don't forgive me. But there is no way for me not to think about you, nor to let go of the twenty-first year relationship between us. Sophia, mom promised me that she would not interfere in my business anymore. Please give me another chance. Let's start all over again, okay? I promise I won't let you get hurt again and I won't let you down. " He spit out what he wanted to say in one go, but she seemed to be indifferent. "John, we are over. There is no possibility of our being together again."

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