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   Chapter 27 The Truth Comes Out

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A red shadow slowly climbed out from under the bed. His long black hair was dragged down and covered her face.

"Jenny, give me back my life!"

"It's not me. It's none of my business!" Jenny hugged her head and cried. She was already half frightened.

"The king of hell has already told me the truth. Now I want you to tell me personally that if you are different from the king of hell, I'll tear your flesh apart." She extended her pale hand to Jenny's neck. Her finger was still bleeding, little by little. Every time it fell on Jenny, she would scream hoarsely and spasm violently.

"Necklace I put the necklace here. When I saw you and Ellie go to the spa, I followed them secretly. I came up with this idea when I saw the necklace around Ellie's neck. When I got changed in the locker room, I took out Ellie's necklace and put it into your handbag. I just want you to be abandoned by Lucas. I didn't expect that you would jump into the sea. It's my fault. I'm wrong. Please forgive me! "

"Jenny, don't play tricks. If he doesn't love you, there will still be other women even without me. Do you want to kill all the women on the earth?" When Sophia walked to the door and opened it. Lucas and others coming in. There was a camera in Jenny's room. The scene was live broadcast in the villa. All of them had seen it by phone.

The light was on. Jenny was still in a daze when Sophia took off her hair. "Are you a ghost or not?"

"Of course I'm a human being. Why are there ghosts in the world? Only you have ghosts in your heart!" "How is my acting skill going, director Ellie?" Sophia laughed as she walked to Ellie

"Sophia, it's a pity that you don't act the movie." Ellie gave her a thumbs up.

"As a supporting role, I did a good job!" How dare you to flatter yourself.

"Okay. I'll award you the best man award." Sophia snickered and turned to Ellie, "but the biggest credit goes to director Ellie. Everything about this is because of your talent!"

"Of course, I was born of a section chief." Ellie raised her eyebrows smugly.

"You." Lucas pulled Sophia to him, gently caressed the wound on her mouth and said: "it's all right. Don't bite her so hard."

"Well, I'm an excellent actress." said Sophia, sticking out her tongue at Lucas.

He sighed inwardly, his heart aching so much that he can't act it.

They all started to whisper to each other.

"You are really good at acting. We were all fooled."

"I thought you really jumped into the sea and frightened me to sleep for the whole night."

Maggie took a deep breath in the middle. She was surrounded by great disappointment. Nobody knew how happy she was at that time. How she hoped that Sophia could disappear from this world!

Jenny finally came to her senses. She jumped up from the ground and pointed her fingers at Sophia angrily. "You How dare you cheat me together! "

"No, I'm not lying. I don't want to take the blame." Sophia sneered. To be honest, she almost went mad when she saw Lucas' indifference.

Sophia returned to the room and angrily smashed the handbag. "Lucas, you don't believe me, do you?"

He held her by the shoulder and looked at her sincerely. "How can I not believe you? It's just that even if I defend you, it won't help. The most important thing is to find out the person who set you up."

She thought carefully. In fact, it was not difficult to find the person. At that time, there were only four of them. There were only two people, Maggie and Jenny. Maggie was the first to come. She did not leave in the middle. It could be excluded that. Jenny came in halfway. It was easy for her to do something to change the clothes room, not to mention that she had the most motivation.

And Ellie also didn't believe that the necklace was brought by Sophia. No one would be so stupid as to give it to others for inspection, knowing that the stuff was in the bag. At the thought of this, the three of them and Mr. Jack, they planned to make a good show.

Jenny was exasperated. She raised he

r hand and was about to slap Sophia. However, her hand was grabbed and fell down two meters away. She fell on the ground heavily, "Sophia is my woman. If anyone dares to hurt her, I will let her pay for it! Jenny, listen to me carefully. Even if there is only one woman left in the world, I will never like you. You'd better give up! "

Jenny was burning with rage, but she would never give up. All the "faults" were caused by Sophia. She wouldn't stop until she drove her away from Lucas. And now she had a good partner, Maggie texted her. She was helping her to the end and was willing to give her advice. This was just like giving her timely help. She finally found her friend in Q City.

As for Maggie, she was planning in secret. The best way to get close to Lucas was to work in ZW Group. As soon as she came back home, she began to act like a spoiled child in front of her mother. Her mother had always satisfied whatever she wanted. This time, she got to know that she was for the little son of the Mo family. She was willing to support Maggie. After struggling with several connections, she finally managed to her enter the public relations department of ZW Group.

When Sophia saw Maggie, she came to the CEO office. Maggie would not miss any chance to get close to the CEO's office.

"Sophia?" Maggie was surprised to see her. "Are you in the CEO office?" But things didn't go well. With Sophia, it would be difficult to approach Lucas.

"Maggie, aren't you ballet? How could you enter ZW Group? " Sophia frowned.

"My father is getting old and he wants me to take over his business, so I want to come here to improve my ability," Maggie explained with a slight smile, but in Lucas' eyes, it was just a cover up. Sophia was very clear about what Maggie was up to. There was no other intentions in her. It was because of Lucas! Jay was right. The woman who wanted to crawl to Lucas' side couldn't be stopped.

"You need to exercise. Isn't it better to work in your father's company?" Sophia sneered.

"After all, ZW Group is top 500 in the world. With the advanced management experience and business concept, it's something that ordinary companies can't learn." Maggie was interviewed by her mother carefully.

"So, you should leave this place if you behave well instead of staying here to make contributions to ZW Group. Then, ZW Group will definitely train you in vain!" Sophia raised her eyebrows in mockery.

Hearing her words, Maggie blushed in embarrassment. "I I haven't said that I want to leave. Of course I have to make my contribution to ZW Group. My contribution is supposed to be stronger than yours! " With that, she threw the document on the ground and ran away.

After she left, she got a message from Michell, "do you know her?"

"Yes. One of my friends' cousin is a classmate of hers." Nobody in the CEO Office knew her relationship with Lucas yet.

"She does have some connections. Her family engaged in a real estate agent business. Her family found the manager of public relations- Jane and let her in. You should be on guard against her in the future." Michell reminded. For employees from the public relations department, she paid special attention to them. The relationship between public relations department and CEO Office was very subtle. It seemed harmonious on the surface, but in fact it was struggling secretly. All the people in public relations department were very naughty. They were both beautiful and powerful. They never respect CEO office and often blame CEO office not to cooperate with their work. So the leaders in CEO Office naturally felt unsatisfied and were about to seek for trouble with enlarged cameras.

"I'm not her friend, and we have nothing to talk about." Sophia expressed her stand, and she knew her thoughts.

"It seems that we have one more opponent."

"We won't respect her manager. She is just a worker. She dares to make trouble and we will stamp her foot to death!"

"I like you even more," Michell added with a broad smile

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