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   Chapter 26 Ghost

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At dusk, an argument at the bottom of the deck drew the attention of all the people on the yacht.

"If you like diamond necklace, I can buy it for you. You don't need to take Ellie's necklace!" Frowning angrily, Lucas grabbed her thin shoulders fiercely.

"I have told you a hundred times that I didn't take it. Why don't you believe me?" Tears streamed down Sophia's cheeks.

"The necklace was found from your handbag. Nobody has been to the dressing room except Jenny and Maggie. How can I trust you?" He wore a cold expression.

"I don't know why it was in my handbag? But I didn't, I really didn't take it! " Sophia held his face and said: "Lucas, please believe me!"

"I don't think I know you well, Sophia. It's time for me to rebuild our relationship." he said, throwing her hand away.

The ferocious smile was shown on Jenny's face. And even Maggie's heart was full of gloating laughter, but she covered it well and did not reveal it at all. Seeing them quarreling, Ellie became anxious and rushed to chuck, "Lucas, we can't figure it out now. Just let it go. Don't bother about it any more."

"Forget it?" With a sneer, he said, "you may know a man's exterior, but you may not know his heart. If she is a thief, would I still keep her by my side, waiting to steal all the things in my house?"

"Lucas, you are right. Get her out of here right now, or send her to the police station." Jenny added.

As Sophia gazed at Lucas, her eyes were filled with resentment. Suddenly, she bit her lower lip so hard that blood trickled down along her jaw, and dropped on her clothes.

"Sophia!" Ellie screamed, "don't do this, don't bite yourself."

With his cold face, a muscle twitched slightly. He turned his back and said, "you don't have to waste your efforts. Your trick doesn't work on me."

"Lucas!" "You'll regret it. I'll make you regret it for the rest of your life!" She shook her head hard and ran into the cabin.

"Sophia --" Ellie followed her into the room.

Mr. Jack sighed. He walked to Lucas, patted him on the shoulder and said, "it's just a necklace. You don't have to do this."

"I want to be alone for a while." He went straight to the handrail. As Mr. Jack waved his hand to the crowd, they all left quietly. Maggie was the last one to leave. She didn't enter the cabin, but hid in the corner. It was a good chance for her to take the opportunity.

She peeped at Lucas for a while and walked to him when she felt it was time.

"Lucas, are you ok?" She asked in a low voice, "I'm fine." Lucas shook his head.

"I didn't expect that Sophia would do that." She rubbed her hands and said, "it's not her fault. She came from a poor family. Maybe it's her first time to see such a beautiful diamond necklace. It's inevitable that she's attracted by it and decided to take it at the moment. Please forgive her for once." Seemingly, she was persuading him, but in fact, she directly condemned her to guilty. This made him more certain that Sophia stole the necklace.

"You can go now," said Lucas, glimpsing at her

His cold words disappointed Maggie. A lot of handsome men had fallen in love with her, and she didn't believe that she was no less charming than Sophia. However, she had to take it slow.

She went back to the cabin. At this time, the yacht was ashore on an island in the center of the sea. The other people would spend the night in their villa on the island.

Darkness fell.

All the people gathered in the backyard of the villa and started the barbecue party. The previous scene had been temporarily forgotten.

Magical music was playing, champagne bubbling in the transparent crystal cup, hot dancing of the beauties and handsome men.

Jenny drank several glasses of champagne. She was in a very good mood tonight. Sophia was doomed. All the women who dared to compete with her for Lucas would come to no good end.

Maggie was not in the mood for dancing. She was thinking how to get close t

o Lucas.

With a few "bang", bright fireworks bloomed in the starry sky. The crowd cheered and became more enthusiastic.

Right at this moment, someone rushed up from nowhere and turned off the music.

"Oh, my God! Sophia jumped into the sea!" Her words surprised others.

"Really?" Jenny raised her eyebrows.

"Ellie, is she out of the water?" Asked Maggie.

"She was saved, but she was breathing a sigh of relief. Lucas sent her ashore by yacht." Ellie patted her chest and let out a long breath. "I didn't expect her to do this."

"I don't care. Every woman who has been dumped by Lucas is so persistent." Jenny shook her hand impatiently.

"But she died a horrible expression. She wore a red dress and her eyes were wide open, seeming reluctant to die." Ellie said, raising her arms and shivering.

"Wearing a red dress? It's said that she will become a ferocious ghost and ask for the life of the person who hurt her. " A girl said.

"I think you must have seen too many thrillers." Jenny glared at her.

After such an episode, everyone was not in the mood to be happy, so they returned to their rooms early.

The night was getting deeper. The island was enveloped by darkness. When all the people were in sound sleep, a scream filled the house.

The sound came from Ellie's room. Mr. Jack kicked the door open and rushed in with his men.

Ellie curled up in the corner of the wall and held the quilt, shivering.

"Ellie, what happened?" Mr. Jack asked.

"Is there Sophia is outside... " Ellie pointed at the door.

"Ellie, Sophia was dead. And Lucas had sent her body back." Mr. Jack stroked her forehead to see if she had a fever.

"I really saw her. I couldn't fall asleep at night. When I heard some noise from the corridor, I got up and looked into the cat's eyes. I I saw Sophia standing outside. She was in a red dress covered with water all over her body and her dress was wrapped with sea weeds. Her face was as pale as paper and her eyes were as red as blood. Her eyes looked so big. She walked so slowly, as if she was looking for someone. "

"Could it be true that Miss Sophia was framed on? Someone put your necklace in her bag on purpose. Now her ghost is hunting that person for her life." The tone of Mr. Jack was gloomy like a cold wind. "No wonder I heard strange sounds on the corridor at night, like someone was crying and intermittent."

"I heard her crying, too. Why did she cry? Horrible." A girl said.

"What Don't scare me! " Jenny stopped immediately.

"You don't do anything wrong in the daytime, so in the evening, somebody may knock at the door. Anyway, I didn't do that. Sophia can't blame me even if Sophia looks for me. You can go back to sleep if you don't do anything wrong? I'll stay here with Ellie. " Mr. Jack waved his hand to the crowd. They went to the door of the hall under his guidance. At this time, a girl pointed at the floor in the corridor and screamed, "Look! There's water on the floor!"

"Oh my God! The ghost is back!" The timid girls screamed, held their heads, ran back to their rooms and closed the door.

Jenny was the toughest person tonight. She turned on all the lights and covered her head tightly with quilt.

There was no ghost in this world. Only those who had done something wrong would fear ghosts.

A cold wind came from the half opened window, and milk white window gauze was fluttering in the wind, just like ghosts dancing in the dark night.

Jenny hastily jumped down from the bed and closed it.

All lights were turned off at this moment.

It was dark around and the cold moonlight fell on the floor. The blurry light made the room more bleak and dreadful.

Jenny tried to grab her phone on the nightstand with trembling hands. Then, with a click, her phone fell to the ground.

She bent down to pick up the phone, but a pale hand reached out from under the bed and grabbed her foot.

Jenny screamed in fear, "ghost, ghost -"

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