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   Chapter 25 Framing

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A hint of cruelty flashed through Jenny's eyes. Maggie was right. The red warning had already arrived. She couldn't sit still. Lucas was hers. Whoever dared to grab him from her was digging his own grave!

In the afternoon, Ellie went to the spa with Sophia, while Lucas and Mr. Jack went to the sea to play with their motorboat.

At the deck of the second floor, the sun was shining brightly. The diamond necklace on Ellie's chest was shining under the sun.

Maggie was already there, enjoying the soft incense massage.

"Hi." Maggie greeted Sophia when she saw her.

"Hi." Sophia smiled slightly.

After changing her clothes in the dressing room, Sophia lied on the massage bed. The sky was blue and the sea sparkled. The breeze was blowing softly, and the faint fragrance came into Sophia's heart. The cool lavender oil flowed on Sophia's skin with her ten fingers. Sophia felt very comfortable and nearly fell asleep.

"How long have you been dating with Lucas?" The voice of Maggie came from the sea breeze.

"Almost a month." Sophia muttered.

"That's too short. I thought you have been together for a long time." Maggie was delighted to hear that, which indicated that the relationship between the two of them was not deep at all.

"According to Lucas' record, he had never had a girlfriend more than a week." Ellie added.

"Lucas is so excellent. There must be many girls who are fond of him." Hearing that, Maggie turned her head to look at Ellie.

"He's a playboy, but I've never seen him love anyone." Ellie looked at Sophia, "you are the first one."

Sophia flushed, and she felt very comfortable as if her heart was blown by the warm breeze. To be honest, she didn't know how serious he was to her at all. He was always so cynical. A rich man like him was probably just flirting with women. And she didn't want to take it too seriously. Her heart had been broken by John, and she would no longer be as naive as before. She had already forgotten her obsession with love. For Lucas, she needed him more.

"Why do I think champagne is terrible? I would like to change a cup of green tea seasoning." A sharp voice came from behind the deck, which interrupted her thoughts. She turned around and saw Jenny come over. Tina glared at Sophia as if she would swallow her alive. Sophia buried her head again. Out of sight, out of mind.

Jenny went to the changing room and changed her clothes. Then she stepped out of the room and fell on the massage chair. She didn't give vent to her anger yet. She wouldn't stop until she appalled Sophia.

"Sophia, you are the worst. You are just like a pauper. You are neither beautiful nor rich. You are just a rotten and poor woman. In his eyes, you are just a dispensable seasoning, with the worst taste. "

There was no expression on Sophia's face. "Jenny, do you know? What makes you feel the most jealous is not being jealous, but you have no right to be jealous! "

"Well said." Ellie clapped her hands and said, "Jenny, it's enough. Your will only make Lucas hate you more."

"I'm not pestering him. It's them who are shameless. I'm his fiancee, so I have the right to protect our relationship." Said Jenny with great confidence.

"You don't love each other. He won't marry you. Why do you always lie to yourself?" Ellie wanted to spit blood. Jenny was simply paranoid.

"It's not up to you whether you get married or not. Lucas' parents have the right to decide whether we get married or not," replied Jenny with a confident smile Lucas' parents were Jenny's best backing. She looked at Sophia, with her eyes full of sarcasm. "It's impossible for someone like you to enter Mo family!"

Hearing that, Maggie was very happy.

If Ellie was not here, she would praise Jenny. With the prestige of the Mo family, choosing a daughter-in-law was like choosing a crown prince to select a concubine. She was beautiful and elegant.

The contempt Mrs. Xu's pierced her heart mercilessly. She had seen enough, heard enough, and even satirized. Because of her love to John, she swallowed her pride and endured it silently. She endured it hard. In the end, there was only injury and pain left. She wouldn't do that again. She was not born in a rich family, but she would take care of herself and never let anyone look down upon her.

Just then, the waiter came up, and Lucas came back, letting the waiter call her, "Miss. Sophia, Mr. Lucas said he was waiting for you."

"Okay." Sophia nodded her head. She stood up from the massage bed, greeted Ellie and went to the changing room.

Arriving at the fishing apron at the end of the yacht, Lucas fished out a yellow croaker and, perhaps feeling it was too small, he was thrown back into the sea. Seeing her coming, he stood up and hugged her in his arms. He put his handsome face close to her neck and smelled her. "Wow, it smells good. I really want to have a taste."

"It smells like perfume." She giggled, gently pushed him away and sat down on the fishing ring aside. "I want to fish too. Let's have a competition, to see who would catch more."

"Okay." He raised his eyebrows and asked, "what's the punishment for losing?"

"If you lose, you have to be a robot and receive any instructions."

"That's a deal." There was an evil smile on his face.

Soon, he caught two goldfish. Without showing her weakness, she caught a card stud. "They are so big. One is enough for five, isn't it?" She looked at him complacently. Tonight she turned over to be the owner.

"The one who last the end is the best." He curved the corners of his mouth charmingly, and with a flip, a big stone grouper was thrown on the yacht. She pouted unhappily and the fish was about to bait when she caught a figure she hated from the corner of her eye.

Jenny came angrily, followed by Maggie and Ellie.

In an instant, Lucas' face darkened. He stood up and blocked her way. "What are you doing here?"

"Ellie lost her necklace. At that time, only Maggie, Sophia and I were there. We had already shown the shopping bag to Ellie. Now we want to see Sophia's handbag."

"Sophia, I didn't mean to doubt you." Ellie hurried to explain.

"It doesn't matter." Without any hesitation, she waved her hand and handed Ellie her bag. "Have a look, Ellie."

Before Ellie could reach out her hand, Jenny grabbed it, opened it, and then let out a scream, slowly pulled out a necklace from it. It was the one Ellie wore on the deck. "Look! It's in her bag."

"How come?" Ellie was stunned.

"That's right, Sophia. Why did you go to take Ellie's necklace? Maggie covered her mouth with her hand, pretending to be surprised.

"She's stealing. She's a thief, a thief who likes stealing." She purposely raised her voice so that people on the yacht heard it and gathered around.

"Ellie, I didn't take your necklace. I don't know why it was in my handbag," Knowing that someone wanted to frame her, she blamed herself for being so careless that she hadn't checked the bag before she came out.

"We've got it. How dare you deny it?" Jenny snorted.

The people around them began to whisper.

"I didn't expect that she would steal."

"I guess she has gotten used to it."

"I'm so ashamed of Mr. Lucas."

Ellie took a glance at the crowd and waved her hand. "Forget it. Just find it. I don't want to pursue it any more."

"I will figure it out." The cold reaction of Lucas made Sophia very disappointed.

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