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   Chapter 24 The Couple's Suit

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Well, the man was speechless. Only if he took it for granted that it would be the right way.

The next day, Sophia and Lucas were dressed in a couple's outfit.

Sophia's hands were not soft and smooth. The palm was rough and could be easily stroked with callus. However, he enjoyed the feeling of holding them.

They went up to the deck and immediately attracted everyone's attention.

The girls cast envious and jealous glances at Sophia. If their eyes could kill people, Sophia would have been cut into pieces. However, she was not a coward. She could kill as many as she could. She would drive away all the girls around him. She would never let go of them.

Maggie and Ellie walked towards them.

"Sophia, you look gorgeous today." Ellie looked at her with a smile. There was a flash of jealousy in Maggie's eyes. No matter how beautiful Sophia looked, she was still the same kind of sparrow. How could she compare with her inherent dignity? She said, "Lucas." She looked at Lucas and called him sweetly.

Lucas nodded with a smile and responded politely and peacefully.

As soon as she saw Maggie, all the defensive properties were immediately increased. Jay said that it was necessary to dig up and crushed the potential rival in love at an early stage, so that the enemy would not be able to turn over. "Your friends are all staring at us. Hurry up and say hello to them to satisfy their curiosity." She smiled and kept a distance from Maggie.

There was a thoughtful smile in Lucas' eyes. To be honest, he liked her jealous and annoyed appearance, which meant that she still cared about him. He held her and walked to the deck. A handsome man on the lounge chair waved at them and said, "Lucas, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Then, Lucas introduced everyone. His handsome face was named Jack Jiang, and everyone called him Jack. His charming eyes swept over Sophia, and he said with an intriguing smile, "not bad."

He didn't know whether it was compliment or anger?

She pursed her lips.

The waiter brought a glass of champagne and a glass of juice. When she was about to take a glass of champagne, she stretched out her hand and changed it into juice. Champagne is also alcohol. She will forget what she said after drinking, so she'd better not drink too much.

It seemed that Lucas had read her mind. He bowed his head with a smile and whispered in her ear, "you can drink the champagne. I'll look after you."

"Juice is ok." She looked at him with shyness, trying to behave like a lady in front of other people. She took a sip of juice and looked around, seeing a woman walking up to the deck.

OMG! Is that Jenny? She almost choked.

Lucas had the same reaction with her, "why is she here?" He frowned with displeasure. He had a headache when he saw Jenny. She was like a sticky candy that could not be removed.

"I know you're coming, but who dares to invite her to come? I guess she must get the news from a big speaker and come to you." Mr. Jack shook his head.

Jenny looked directly at his eyes. She directly looked at him and saw her beside him. Immediately, her eyes were full of jealousy.

"I have seen some people who are obsessed with you. I have never seen such woman." The contempt in Ellie's heart surged when she saw Jenny.

"Who is she?" Maggie asked curiously.

"The daughter of my aunt's best friend, because of her

engagement with my cousin, my cousin doesn't like her at all. He won't marry her." Ellie pursed her lips. She knew how persistent Jenny was.

Hearing that, Maggie was overjoyed. Her mother had taught her from an early age that she would try every means to fight for what she liked. Therefore, robbing had become one of her habits. She took away her best friend's dolls from the kindergarten, and her boyfriend from her roommates in college. These were all extremely useful and she must get what she wanted. Now she fell in love with Lucas at the first sight. She was worried about how to deal with Sophia, and how to drive her away from Lucas. Jenny was a good. When they fight, she could take advantage of it.

At this time, Jenny had already rushed to the front of Lucas. "Who is she?" She angrily pointed at Sophia.

"She is my girlfriend." Lucas snapped.

"What?" "Don't you like women? " Jenny stamped her feet in anger.

"As soon as I see you, my interest in women dropped to an zero." Lucas sneered.

"Great! Lucas, you win! Tomorrow I'll find Auntie and ask her to prepare the wedding for us!" She didn't believe that he dared not to obey his mother.

Sophia looked at Jenny with a pitiful look.

"Jenny, everyone is having fun." Mr. Jack came out to be the peacemaker.

"I haven't talked with you!" Jenny glared at him. Lucas said he didn't like women, of course she didn't believe it. So she went to ask Jack, but she didn't expect this guy to be even more exaggerated than Lucas was. She almost believed it. Now she realized that Jack was actually ganging up with Lucas to cheat on her.

"Leave her alone. The air here is bad. Let's go up there." He patted Mr. Jack on the shoulder and took Sophia to the deck of the top floor.

Jenny's face turned purple with anger.

Around the desk, the girls gathered together and whispered. They were jealous of Sophia, but they hated Jenny more. In her eyes, every woman around Lucas was a threat to her. She would never let them go well. She had a fierce fight with them, so she was notorious in this circle.

Nobody cared about her, except for Maggie. She walked to Jenny when Ellie went to the bathroom.

"Hi, my name is Maggie. I have heard about the story between you and Mr. Lucas. You have to cheer up. Don't give those girls any chance to get close to him."

Hearing this, Jenny was immediately glad to find her confidant. She gave her a glass of champagne and clinked glasses with her. "Maggie, why haven't I met you before?"

"I'm Ellie's classmate. I just came back from America." Maggie smiled. "The woman beside Mr. Lucas is called Sophia. We met at Lucas' home yesterday."

"That woman lives in Bluewater Villa." Jenny shuddered with fear. In the eyes of women, Bluewater Villa was Lucas' home. No woman around him had ever slept in it. If anyone was lucky enough to become his wife, he would become the lady of Lucas' family.

"Maybe." Maggie shrugged. Of course she didn't know that before.

"It's impossible..." Jenny flared up like a mad dog. On the deck, the girls' disdain and sympathy deepened.

"What the hell is going on? As far as I know, Sophia is a bitch. She usually wears cheap clothes from East Street." Maggie said scornfully.

Jenny's eyes widened. "Is he crazy?"

"No, he's not crazy. It's her who had some method. If you don't do anything, Mr. Lucas will never come back."

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