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   Chapter 23 Maggie Peng

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One day, the guests in the villa were the cousin of Lucas, Ellie Mo. the one who came with her was her classmate in America, Maggie Peng.

Maggie was a very beautiful girl. Every movement of her was dignified and graceful. To be honest, she was slightly inferior to Sophia in terms of the natural level. But she knew the make-up and dressing well. She had a good taste and didn't want to go against the level of fashion. 1 degree. Sophia's brown colored skin was very healthy, which indicated that she had grown up in the sunlight. Besides, Maggie's skin was fair as snow. Apparently, she was slender, well-educated, well-dressed, with comfortable life.

Maggie fell in love with Lucas at the first sight she saw him. She had never seen a man as handsome and noble as him. Only such an excellent man deserved her.

Sophia brought drinks to them. The aria orange juice was a special gift for Lucas. He took her hand, pulled her to sit beside him and said, "from now on, let the servants do these things." A gentle voice.

What? She was Lucas' maid. Although she was assigned the new job.

"Brother, is she your girlfriend?" Ellie asked with a smile.

"This is my future wife, Miss Sophia." He introduced smilingly.

What? She pouted her mouth and felt very delighted in her heart.

Maggie's heart trembled a beat when she heard that. Hatred and jealousy welled up in her eyes when she looked at Sophia. The woman, who didn't wear any makeup and wore cheap knockoffs, came out from some slum. How could she have the qualifications to date with him? Champagne should be mixed with caviar, how can it be washed by hot dogs?

"Brother, it will be a yacht party tomorrow. Are you going with me?" Ellie asked.

Turning to her, he continued, "how about I take you to meet my friends?"

"Ok." She blinked at him, like a meek little rabbit. Jay had told her to control her temper in front of outsiders. He was a man of power and position, so no matter how angry she was, she would not let him go, and locked him in his room to teach him a lesson!

He cast a strange glance at her and gave her a forced smile, "Okay, I'll go with Sophia tomorrow."

"Miss Sophia, your clothes are of unique style. Could you please tell me which designer designed them for you?" Maggie asked with a puzzled look She wanted to embarrass Sophia deliberately.

"I don't know which designer you are talking about. There are many such style in East Street they cost 20 pieces each. If you like it, I'll take you to buy it next time." She was used to paying for clothes at a certain price. The clothes she chose were cheap. And she would rather not pay any attention to them.

"Where is East Street? Why have I never heard of it? " Maggie exclaimed, pretending to be surprised.

"The most bustling commercial street of Q City. This is your first time here."

"Maggie, aren't you from Q City? How come you don't know where it is? " Ellie raised her eyebrows.

"There are too many people. Even my mother won't allow me to go to those places. I usually cover the places."

"I'm tired of shopping in these places. I don't want to go to have fun. I like to go to the downtown area. Besides, the food on these snack stands are really delicious." Compared with the smile on Ellie's face, Maggie had a pretentious smile.

This was the difference between being rich and being a bumpkin! "If you have time, I can take you to visit Q City. There are many interesting places. You must have never been there before," she continued with a smile. This girl was forthright, without dignity and arrogance. She liked Ellie.

"Okay." Ellie clapped her hands happily.

Instead of scoffing at her, Maggie was quite upset. She took a sip and turned to Lucas, "can I call you Lucas?"

"Whatever." Lucas answered with a shrug.

"I will also stay in Q City. Lucas, nice to meet you!"

"Miss Maggie, what are you doing?" Sophia cut in.

"I've been studying ballet in the United States, and now I've just become a ballet in Royal Ballet Troupe of Q City." Maggie said with pride. She knew that not only K Country but also the best ballet in Asia, which was not only accessible to average people.

"Oh, then you ask the wrong person." "You're a dancer and he's a businessman. How can he take care of you if you have nothing to do with the business?"

Hearing her words, Sophia's face turned red. Lucas couldn't help but titter in his heart. Women are really sharp tongued.

It was getting late. Ellie invited Maggie to do spa, and after they left, Sophia began to teach the man a lesson. "Lucas, I think the woman named Maggie is very interested in you. She has been staring at you with a pair of evildoer eyes all the time. You'd better be on the alert, do you know?"

Lucas giggled and held her in his arms. "Are you jealous in this way?"

"Well, I'm not free to do that." She pouted her mouth and said: "Lucas, be honest. Are you a man or not?"

"I am a man. Is that enough to verify these days?" He smirked.

"How many other women do you have except me?" That was what really mattered.

He squinted his eyes and began to count the number with his fingers. "There's one in the capital, one in New York and one in Switzerland. There are three in total."

"I'm fine!" Sophia let out a long sigh of relief. She had thought that the great wall could be filled with his women. "Great! It's such a huge piece of great wall. It isn't easy for you to fly around even if you have your private plane? How about all of us getting together? "

Lucas didn't want to answer her strange question. His reaction was really disappointing, and he didn't know what to say. "Aren't you jealous?"

"I don't care whether they will be the first one or not. I just want to be the third party. I don't want to be the third party. I hate being hated so much. Besides, Q City has so many handsome men. I won't be lonely without you. "She paused for a second and added, "Remember to do something to prevent. Don't be like John."

Lucas choked on the orange juice in his throat. He quickly covered his mouth with a handkerchief to ease the air. "Are you really the woman on the earth? Lucas stared at her angrily.

She smiled cunningly and didn't answer, which was the second method that Jay taught. Men are like the sand in their hands, which could be grasped more tightly and released more quickly. However, they just stick on their fingers and couldn't be clapped away.

He felt a strong sense of loss, thinking of the women he had met before, who had been soaked in jealousy. They were crazy for him, desperate for him, and he was used to watching drama. It was the first time to meet such "sensible woman". He felt a little uncomfortable.

He leaned against the sofa, staring at her deeply, and his eyes flashed coldly. "Don't you care about me? ";

She squinted her eyes and put on an unpredictable smile. "I can put a knife around your neck to force you to be loyal to me, or I can install a GPS on you to monitor your whereabouts 24 hours, or I can prepare a pair of chastity pants for you. Without my key, no one can open it, but is this useful? ." She raised her index finger and shook it in front of him. "You need to be conscious!"

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