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   Chapter 21 Don't Wait Anymore

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After getting everything ready, Lucas drove Sophia to the airport.

They were standing side by side in front of a huge French window. The rising morning sun made them blush.

"No matter where you go in the future, if you are in trouble, just tell me. I will help you. I will do what others can't do!" He looked at her, solemn and sincere.

"Lucas..." She skipped out the word "Mo", walked forward and hugged him, just like a friend, "thank you, it's very nice to meet you!"

"Remember, you must be happy!" His eyes were filled with tears. He didn't want to give up, but finally he had to let go.

Time passed by, but there was no sign of John. She suddenly felt a little uneasy. She dialed John's phone, but it was turned off.

"What's wrong? Does it get through? " Lucas asked.

She nodded and said, "No, there must be something urgent." She walked to a chair and sat down, rubbing her hands constantly.

The sun rose high in the sky and slowly sank to the west. Her heart sank slowly.

"You can go back now, Lola. He won't come."

"No!" She drew her hand back and said, "he promised me that he would come. I must wait here for him." With tears in her eyes, she refused to admit that fact.

The setting sun no longer below the horizon, and the sky was filled with the night light. With the last glimmer of hope, she dialed the number of John.

Heaven finally got through, but a woman's voice came from the receiver, "there is no need to wait, Sophia. John and I are on the way to Golden Sun Hotel. Our engagement party will begin in an hour."

Her heart thumped violently, and the hand holding the phone began to tremble. "Let John hold on the phone!" But before she could finish her words, the phone was hung up. She seemed to be hit on the back of her head, feeling dizzy and reckless. She fell backwards. But Lucas held her in time. "Bastard!" Lucas roared. Sophia had put her phone on speaker, so he heard what she had said clearly.

She shook her head, desperately shaking her head. The pain and despair mixed into a surge and surrounded her. He finally gave in. He and she were not meant to be together!

"Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom." She said weakly and forced herself into the bathroom. She didn't go to the washroom. Instead, she secretly ran out from Lucas. She hailed a cab and went straight to Golden Sun Hotel.

In front of the hotel, there were a lot of luxury cars stopping, and a huge marriage card was placed in the middle, which was written with gold-plated w

ords: congratulations to Mr. John and Miss Ella for their engagement.

As expected, Ella was the daughter of a rich man. An engagement party was magnificent and eye-catching.

Although the preparation was in a hurry, all the high-ranking officials and celebrities in Q City were invited.

She bit her lip, took a deep breath and ran into the building.

On the stage, the emcee was giving a clap of congratulations, next to him were the heroine: John and Ella.

Seeing John, all the sadness and indignation Sophia gathered in her heart erupted like a volcanic eruption. She screamed, "John, you bastard --" the roar almost used up all of her strength and shocked the whole audience, which made the emcee stunned.

"Sophia!" Seeing her, John's face was full of deep guilt. He wanted to meet her, but was stopped by Ella. "John, if you go there now, I and your child are not only dead, but also your mother." She threatened.

He clenched his fist and stood there stiffly like a pillar. However, Ella went off the stage swaggeringly, "why would John pick you? Look at yourself. You are ugly. I have heard that you grew up by scavenging through pieces and collecting rubbish. No wonder you would smell a rotten stink as soon as you come close. John keeps her eyes on you, and doesn't eat at all."

"You are a dignified woman. Why do you have to play tricks? It's moral to have sex with him when he is drunk. I think it is not the first time that you have done this. John, you should do a paternity test, in case that you will be other's father. "

The guests began to whisper.

Ella's face was ugly. She grabbed a glass of wine on the table and poured it towards her. Sophia wiped the wine on her face and spat at her, "is this your lofty quality?"

At the same time, Mrs. Xu, who was sitting in the audience, also stood up to defend for his daughter-in-law to be. When she raised her hand to slap Sophia across the face, Sophia instinctively raised her hand to block it. Unfortunately, Mrs. Xu's hand slapped on Sophia's arm.

"Mom -" shouted John as she went downstairs. But he was stopped by his mother, "you just stay there!" She turned to Sophia and poked her with her index finger fiercely: "Sophia, how shameless you are! You pestered and even played some dirty tricks on John. Ella was right, you are a bitch. If you dare to show up in front of John, I will tear your face apart."

"Stop talking nonsense with a madman? Drive her out! " Mr. Yao was so angry when he saw his daughter's embarrassment.

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