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   Chapter 19 True Love

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Ella was happy. She couldn't help smiling. She looked at Sophia triumphantly, declaring her victory.

Sophia's face was pale. She didn't care too much about what Mrs. Xu said. She knew that she disliked her because of her poor family. She never wanted to give up. What she was afraid of was that John would give in. "Mrs. Xu, we don't live in the feudal society now. I and John love each other. And John is your son, not your puppet. You have no right to affect his love life or control his marriage."

"Who do you think you are? How dare you teach me a lesson?" As soon as she finished his words, she raised his hand and slapped across the face. Then, John ran to Sophia to protect her. The slap fell on him.

"Step away, John!" He was boiling with rage.

"Mom, John did nothing wrong. If you want to hit me, just do it."

"Why don't you listen to me?" Mrs. Xu was so angry and helpless that she had to put down her hands and said, "Okay, I won't hit her, but you must ask her to get out right now. I'm annoyed to see her!"

"I'm sorry, Sophia," said John apologetically, scratching her head. "My mom is very angry now. You'd better go back first."

"I'm leaving, John. You have to remember that there is nothing wrong with our love, and no one can separate us." She said in a firm voice, her eyes coldly flashing across the faces of Mrs. Xu and Ella, and then left.

When she went out, she seemed to be exhausted. Her legs were weak, and she fell back. A solid arm held her from behind. When she turned around, she was slightly shocked. "Lucas, why are you still here?"

"I was worried about you, so I waited outside." He smiled slightly to cover the sadness on his face. The door was open, so he heard what happened inside. He didn't expect her to be so persistent in love. It seemed that he was really going to lose hope.

"Take me out of here as soon as possible." Her eyes were full of tears. He nodded and carried her into the elevator.

The whole day, she did not speak again. She sat in the garden alone, staring at the phone, and waiting for the call from John. She was so anxious. She did not know whether he insisted or yielded. She was afraid that it would be the result. While Lucas had been standing on the balcony and staring at her. His eyes were deep and deep, with a kind of unpredictable colors wandering in his eyes for a long time.

John called him four days later, and he brought good news that a mysterious overseas investor invested two hundred million dollars in X Group. Now all problems were solved, so he didn't have to be trapped by Ella anymore.

He picked her up after work and promised to have dinner with her and watch a movie. She was overjoyed. She knew that day would come soon. This episode should be a test to them by God.

It was late at night when she came back.

Rose, the steward, had not returned to her room. She had been pacing anxiously in the hall. "I'm looking for a maid again. Ah --" she sighed as she talked to herself.

"Why do you want to hire a maid again?" Sophia was confused.

"I have to ask you. Did you do anything to make him angry?" The corners of Rose's mouth twitched.

"No, we are good. I will ask him myself." As soon as she ran upstairs, the door was pushed open without a knock.

Standing motionless in front of the window, the night wind blew in from the window. The plain window gauze waved up and down, making him seem to be just a long shadow.

"What is it?" His voice was cold. He was not happy to be broke in directly.

"Why do you want a maid? I did a good job." Somehow, she felt a little sad.

"It's you?" He turned around, with a gleam shining in his eyes.

"If it's not me, who else can it be?" She pouted.

"I thought you wouldn't come back tonight." A faint smile crossed

his lips, which was as ethereal as the night outside the window.

"Am I that horny?" She peered at him and crossed her arms in front of her chest. "You haven't answered my question yet. Why do you want to find a maid?"

"You are going to get married. Are you going to stay here all the time?" He turned his head to the window so that she wouldn't see the disappointment on his face.

It was because of this! She muttered and thought for a while. She thought that he was right. She was worried that John would misunderstand her. Every time she asked him to park his car in the nearest neighborhood to the villa. She didn't come back until he left. But when she thought of leaving this "enemy" who had been bickering all day long, she felt very sad and grieved.

"I'm not going to get married in such a short time!" She shook her hand. "Besides, it's a matter of course that I pay my debt. Since I broke your antique, I should compensate you in one year."

"No need for that. From now on, all of our previous enmity is gone." He looked at her through the window.

"No, you can't do that. I have principles. I hate to owe others the most. If I leave at an early time, I'll die in debt. Do you want me to die with regret when I'm old?" She pretended to be righteous. Anyway, she didn't want to leave. If she didn't want to leave, then it was not up to her!

"Really?" He shook his head and laughed.

"Yes, it is. But it's so serious!" She ran to him and stood on tiptoe to look at him. She didn't like his back to her.

"But we still have to find a maid." He raised his eyebrows.

"Why not?" She was so nervous that her little face got twisted. He stared at her nervous face, which comforted him more or less. He gently rubbed her nose and said, "I'm totally concerned about you. You have work to do in the daytime and in the evening. How can you have time to go out for a date? So I plan to find three more people to help you. By the way, I also want you to teach them well for me. When you leave this company for a year, you won't be in vain. "

"I see." After rolling her round black eyes twice, she said, "Okay, but let me apply for you."

"It doesn't matter." He shrugged.

Therefore, that girl spent a whole night introducing 20 points, which were as long as choosing a secretary for the CEO. However, the first task was to make her spit blood and messy: 30-40 years old, the best bachelor to leave home without children, good-looking and strong!

"Sophia, are you looking for a maid or a confinement lady?"

"Lucas, the first thing you need to know is that a maid is capable of doing work, which takes all the conditions into account. Women at her age of 30 to 40 are the most diligent, willing to suffer, unlike young people who look down upon others and are restless. Women who are single now are all very realistic. They don't have much fantasy on men, and they won't think about marrying rich people all day long, so you don't need to worry that they will sneak into your room at midnight and try to seduce you. "

Lucas took a deep breath. Except her, who else dared to lay a finger on him?

"Even if you are reasonable, then why do you still look for a person with a strong body?"

"This kind of woman are all housemaids. There are no such men around, then she can stay in the villa peacefully for you. You're still the famous in the president's office. I can't believe it!" She said righteously.

Fine, female psycho, I surrender! Hearing her words, Lucas was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. He shrugged his shoulders and decided to let her do whatever she wanted.

After a month of torment, Sophia had picked out three servants she was satisfied with. Then she will have enough time to date with John.

After dinner, John took her to her apartment.

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