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   Chapter 18 John Asked Me Out

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The next day, Lucas was woken up by a ray of sunshine that stealthily went into the window. He opened his eyes and saw the beautiful sky outside the window. He was very disappointed.

'The thunder would last for at least three days! A month. No, no. A century!'

Sophia slept soundly in his arms. Lucas couldn't help but bend his head. The kiss seemed to wake her up. She opened her eyes and when she was unconscious, she saw Lucas. She was shocked and then grinned.

She almost forgot that he was a gay.

When she was about to give him a morning greeting, her phone rang. She got a text.

"Sophia, I'll be waiting for you in Room 502 of J Hotel. Come here soon."

In the early morning, John asked her to go to a hotel? It was so weird. But she didn't think too much and got up quickly.

"Where are we going?" Lucas held her hand.

"John has an appointment with me." She shook the message in front of him, and he jumped up all of a sudden. He frowned. Why is she in such a hurry to the hotel early in the morning? But what reason did he have and what qualifications did he have to stop it?

"I'll drive you there." He decided to see the situation so that the other party wouldn't succeed.

When they arrived at the entrance of the hotel, he followed her quietly. He didn't care about anything else, because he was completely bewitched by her.

Sophia found Room 502. She had been excited to go there, but to her surprise, it was Ella who opened the door. She was dressed in a translucent pajamas, looking like she just got up.

"Why are you here?" She was startled.

"I have been waiting for you for a long time." Ella smiled sinisterly.

"What do you mean?" She was shocked.

"I had a wonderful night with Viola last night." She said slowly.

"Nonsense!" She pushed Ella away and rushed into the room. Ella's clothes were scattered on the ground beside the bed. John was still sleeping on the bed with the smell of alcohol.

"John, you bastard. Get up for me --" Sophia almost used up all her strength when she roared. John moved and opened his eyes in a daze. Seeing her, he smiled slightly, he said: "Sophia, you got up so early?" It seemed that he was not clear about the situation.

"John, we had a great time last night. Have you forgotten?" Ella came over. Seeing her, he was given an electric shock, John jumped up suddenly, "Why are you here?"

"She didn't come here until this morning. I was with you last night." After that, she came up to him.

"Damn it!" John cursed and shook his head hard. He was drunk last night, and he dared to take Ella as Sophia. Oh my God! What should I do now? He painfully buried his head and dared not look at Sophia.

Sophia was angry, but there was one thing she knew: Ella cheated on Ella. As the saying goes, "son of a bitch is invincible." as long as she was shameless, she would do anything.

"John, you should be responsible for me." When Ella's shameless voice came up again, Sophia rushed up and gave her a hard slap. She slapped her so hard that the hatred had always been in her mind.

"How dare you hit me?" Ella covered her face and rushed fiercely in front of her, wanting to fight back, but unfortunately, Sophia had an advantage in height, and she was not a match for her at all.

"What the hell are you doing? It's you who climbed onto his bed!"

Hearing that, Sophia gave a loud abusive shout,

which made Ella's face turned blue, "Sophia, listen, John always needs me. X Group is in a mess now. If it weren't for our Y Group, it would be applied for bankruptcy in a month."

Hearing this, Sophia was shocked. No wonder that John was so busy these days. It turned out that something went wrong with X Group again.

"John, what the hell is going on?"

John clenched her fist and smashed his head. He didn't know what was wrong with him. The stock market suddenly plummeted overnight, and his father's friends suddenly went back on their words of investing. What's more, several partners who had agreed with him before all withdrew. If he lose Y Group, X Group would really have to apply for bankruptcy.

"It's all my fault. I'm useless and I can't save the company. And I'm sorry, Sophia, I failed you. I deserve to die, really!" He buried his head in his hands. She couldn't see his expression any more, only to see his black hair tousled by his scratch. Suddenly, two drops of tears fell and dropped on the quilt, and then another two drops The silent fall broke her internal organs.

"John!" She held him in her arms, knowing that he had been forced to the edge of the cliff and was almost unable to bear the pressure. She couldn't make any more pressure on him. He betrayed her and broke his promise, but it wasn't his fault; it was Ella's tricks. She couldn't let her win. She wanted to fight with him together. "John, I don't blame you. I forgive you. I will always be with you. I believe in your ability, you can save X Group."

"Sophia!" John gave her a big hug and thanked her with all her efforts. He didn't lose everything, and the fact was that he still had her.

Looking at them, Carol was even more angry. She stamped her feet hard and said, "Viola..."

"What are you doing here? Get out, as far as you can!" She pointed at the door angrily.

"I think you are the one who should get out!" A sharp voice came from the door.

After hearing this, John turned around and was shocked by her words. "Mom, why are you here?"

When she saw that the reinforcements were here, her arrogance was ignited again. She had already prepared with two hands. She informed Mandy and Viola's mother, Mrs. Xu, at the same time, that he would never get rid of the plan.

"Aunt," she ran to Mrs. Xu with a grievous look, stomping and twisting her waist, "John bullied me!"

"Don't be afraid. I will help you out." Patting her on the shoulder, Mrs. Xu tried to comfort her in a soft and gentle voice. But when she turned to Sophia, she was very angry and said, "why do you always harass our John? Do you have any sense of shame? Who do you think you are! Today, I have to make it clear to you, you are not good enough for our company, and you are not qualified to marry into our family. Even if nothing happens to our company, you are not allowed to enter our family! " She said it in one breath. A series of sentences echoed in Sophia's ears, making her nerves and cells ache. John grasped her trembling hand and frowned with dissatisfaction, "Mom, how can you say that? "Sophia loves me and I love her too. Why can't you understand?"

"John, I'll make a decision for you. Now that you have been together with Ella. Tomorrow I'll go to Ella's family to propose a marriage. Then I'll help you with your business." Said Mrs. Xu resolutely. Her heart was stinking and hard like a stone in a hover.

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