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   Chapter 17 A Party In The Night Club

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Sophia also found there was something wrong with Lucas. It was not only because of his bad temper, but also because he hadn't been back to the villa since that day. Without him around and bickering with her, she felt so boring at night that she was a little unaccustomed to it. For several times, she wanted to go to the office and ask him what was going on, but she held it back in the end.

One day, she finally knocked on the door of the CEO's office in one go.

At the sight of her, he asked coldly, "what's up?" His tone was even more flat.

"Why didn't you come back to the villa these days?" She asked cautiously.

"Do I need to report to you what I'm doing?" He looked up and gave her a cold glance.

"Hey, who on earth offended you and made you so angry?" She stared at him with arms akimbo. "I just care about you. After all, we are also friends, aren't we?"

"Isn't Mr. John with you all day long? How come you have the time to care about me?" He said in a jealous tone, but Sophia was so fool that she didn't notice his jealousy. "No, he is very busy recently. I haven't seen him for several days, so I can only talk with him through the phone every day." She continued with a pout, "you're not here. I'm so bored every night. Your villa is so large that I can't even hear my voice echoing against the wall."

"Are you done? Then you may leave now. " Lucas looked at the computer screen with a look of indifference. She suddenly stood up and rushed to him, with a face so close to him, which was covered with a shameless smirk. "Lucas, we are good friends. You can come back tonight. The weather forecast said that there was a thunderstorm, and I am most afraid of thunder."

"Sophia, do you want me to throw you out?" He deliberately looked down at her. How dare she call him sister? One day she will have a taste of what he was a real man.

"All right, all right. Let's go. You are cold-blooded and inhuman!" She rolled her eyes and looked back secretly while walking. Lucas didn't respond at all. She sighed in disappointment and went out with her head down.

Looking at her back, there was a touch of sadness in his eyes. He was almost going crazy when he thought that she was going to marry John. If he didn't keep a distance from her, she might do something crazy.

In the evening, Kai held a party in the night club and specially found a few innocent girls for Lucas, but Lucas was not interested. Lucas kept thinking about the thunder all the time.

Jerry was the latest to arrive. His hair was half wet from the rain. "Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. I almost couldn't come."

Did it really thunder? Was she frightened? Thinking of her shivering and pitiful look, Lucas jumped up and said

, "I should go."

"The rain is too heavy. You can't go away right now." Gerard called out from behind.

But he didn't even give a damn about it.

Outside the car, the thunder was deafening. White rain poured down and it took a long time to return to the villa.

As he pushed the door open, she was no longer there.

He shook his head and smiled with self mockery.

If she was afraid, she would definitely go to visit John. She would never let him worry about her?

He shook the rain off his body and walked out sadly.

All of a sudden, a deafening thunder came down from the window, followed by a scream of horror.

The sound came from the room.

He hurriedly turned around and dashed into the cruise ahead of him.

There was still no one in the room.

"Sophia! Sophia! " He shouted.

Nobody responded.

Then he heard a more frightening scream.

This time, he heard her voice coming out of the wardrobe.

As soon as he opened the closet, he saw a woman curling up in a corner and trembling. She covered her head with a blanket, covered her ears with her hands, buried her face in her knees, and kept sobbing.

"Sophia, don't be afraid. I'm back." He held her shivering shoulder.

She raised her head slowly. As soon as she saw him, she burst into tears and threw herself into his arms. "It's really you, Lucas. I thought I had an illusion."

"It's okay, dear." He took her out and put her on the bed. She hurriedly grabbed his shirt. "Don't leave, OK? I'm scared. "

"Okay, I won't leave, but I have to change my clothes first." He stroked her head.

Then she found out that he was totally wet like a drowned rat. Without a second thought, she unbuttoned his shirt.

"Sophia!" He exhaled in a low voice. In fact, he meant to stop her, but a woman thought that she moved too slowly, so she sped up and solved it faster.

Then he was just exposed in front of her.

His body was so perfect, with solid muscles proportioned in the most pleasant way.

She gazed straight, as if appreciating an oil painting of Nora.

"Wow, your figure is awesome! I'm so glad to hear that. It would be great if you weren't a gay." She licked her lips and her eyes were full of hunger.

"Then I'll change for you. What do you think?" He looked at her with a smirk.

"Okay. Change. I want to see." She giggled and urged him to continue. "Hurry up. Be careful not to catch a cold."

Well, you can have whatever you want! He summoned up his courage and unbuttoned his jeans.

Suddenly, a thunder rolled over, she screamed and rushed to him, they rolled on the bed together. She wouldn't let him get out of bed, even if he needed to change his clothes. She just pulled the quilt to cover him.

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