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   Chapter 15 He'll Be Fine

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"You say that you were just kidding Ella. It's just... You are even imitate than anyone." She shook off his hand.

"Are you still mad at me? I did have an important client yesterday. "

"Client?" She sneered, "it's Caroline Yao, right? Viola, are you sure you can control yourself? Are you sure you won't play tricks on her?"

"No, I won't. I swear." "You are so beautiful today that I can't recognize you. I'm not going anywhere tonight. Can you go to my place?" John asked as he rested his eyes on John's face He took her hand.

"What are you doing?" A sweet voice came from the side. John turned his head and released her immediately, as if he got an electric shock.

"You shameless bitch!" Ella slapped Sophia in the face when she rushed over.

"What qualifications do you have to hit me?" She raised her hand and was about to slap back, but her hand was stopped in the air by John.

"Hi, Sophia." He looked at her with pleading eyes, which stabbed her heart heavily like a dagger.

"Bitch, how dare you hit back?" When she saw this, she wanted to slap Sophia again, but her wrist was grabbed by someone. The hand tightened, and Ella's shrieks and the sound of her bones cracking trembled at the same time. "My hand is broken. My hand is broken. Please let it go. I will never dare to do it again."

"I never hit women. But if anyone dares to bully my woman, she will be too weak to live," he added.

His cold eyes made tremble, "John, take me to the hospital. My hand is really broken." "When did she become your woman?" asked John, staring at Lucas while helping Ella up.

"From now on." All of a sudden, Lucas turned her around and bent down to kiss her. She was totally unprepared for his sudden kiss, and she was still indulged in her disappointment with John. She was so shocked that her eyes were wide open. He was also kissing her deeply. She felt dizzy, with her eyes falling over, and her heart was beating wildly like a deer. She had no strength to push him away. She had kissed John for many times, but she had never felt like this. Her brain was unable to think. She slowly dropped her eyelids and collapsed into his arms.

"Let her go!" Finally, John lost her temper. He pounced on them, pulled them apart, and swung his fists towards Lucas.

"Even if you want to have a fight, you're no match for me." Lucas dodged him by taking hold of his arm.

"No, Lucas." She screamed.

"You not only don't dare to admit your relationship, but also watch her being bullied. You don't deserve to be her boyfriend at all." He sneered at himself, and loosened his grip on him. Then, he left with Sophia.

Back in the car, she cried hysterically. Her face was like burning, but she couldn't bear the pain of heartbreak.

"This kind of douchebag, you don't need to care about it any more. Just take it as being bitten by a dog, and look for another man in the future." But for some unknown reason, there was a little devil in his heart, who was glad and eager to see Sophia leave her boyfriend as far as possible. 'damn it! What happened to the little girl is none of my business. I can't be happier now. She must have occupied his TV and watched' you

from the stars' these days. He had heard and seen some plots which were ruined by the love stories.

"I'm hungry. Take me to eat something." she sobbed without any strength. She was exhausted.

Lucas immediately started the engine, turning her anger into eating was a good way to let anger out. Anyway, she wouldn't get fat. To his surprise, Sophia ate up fourteen dishes in one gulp and then fell asleep quickly. In this way, she didn't become a pig, which was not the natural outcome of the earth.

The next morning, the phone rang from the morning till the evening. And Sophia simply muted it. However, John didn't give up. Unable to bear it anymore, she pressed the telephone and roared, "John, you're a man who keeps going after other women, we're done!" She was forced to turn off her phone.

On the fourth day, John appeared at the door of the ZW Building, looking a little haggard. Looking at him, she was softhearted. "What are you doing here?"

"Can't I see you if I don't come?" He smiled faintly and sighed deeply.

"What about Ella? Why don't you go with her? You are perfect for each other. Why does you waste your time on a common woman like me? " She threw the words back and felt very upset.

"You are the one who changed your mind, aren't you? You have long been with that guy and found an excuse to dump me?" He gnashed his teeth, the blue veins on his forehead rolling up. She pushed him hard with grievance and anger, and he stumbled back two steps. "John, you bastard! How dare you doubt me? I've waited for you for four years, and I've been looking for you for four years. When you came back, you didn't tell me and fooled around with other women. You said you had your own difficulties, so you should just watch and let it happen I was slapped by that woman, but you didn't move. What's more, you even stopped me from slapping back. If it weren't for chuck, would I still be slapped? Who do you think I am? "

"You're right. I'm a jerk. I can't even protect my beloved woman. Why am I still alive? I deserve to die!" He raised his head and laughed loudly. Suddenly, he rushed to the road, followed by a screeching emergency brake, and fell to the ground.

"John --" as soon as she ran fast in fear, she felt her heart was about to explode when she saw him lying on the ground motionlessly. "John, what's wrong with you? John?" She stood up from his body and burst into tears.

The driver got out of the car in a panic. "It's none of my business. He rushed over by himself."

"Call the ambulance, call the ambulance."She screamed exhaustedly.

At this time, the people around came, two of whom were president's office, Alice and Michelle.

"Oh my God! It's you! Vedder!" Michelle exclaimed.

"Don't panic. We'll call the police right now." As soon as she finished her words, she called the police and then an ambulance.

"Give him CPR." Someone shouted in the crowd.

With tears streaming down her face, Sophia hurriedly shook off her tears, bent down and blew on John again and again.

John slowly opened his eyes. His hand moved. But Sophia hurriedly grasped it and said, "John, hold on. The ambulance is coming. You'll be fine."

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