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   Chapter 14 A Leopard Cannot Change Its Spots

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"I am the maid here." She shrugged.

"Who do you think you are? Fuck off!" Jenny glared at her with anger, only to feel relieved. It seemed that he didn't like the woman.

"Yes, it's none of my business. But I am responsible for the cleaning of this villa. Your men and you have made my house a mess. That's why I have to say those words." "And don't waste your time. My master is so innocent, but he is a germaphobe. He only likes the place that no one had ever touched. He needs virgin. Do you understand?"

Jenny's face turned blue with her words. It was a little awkward.

With a snicker in his heart, he crossed his legs and watched the drama unfold. As expected, the sharp tongue of a tough woman can even withstand all his scandals later.

At this time, the security guards came in and drove Jenny and her bathing bus out. Jenny was put in the blacklist by Lucas and she was not allowed to enter his Bluewater Villa any more.

"I'll go upstairs. Don't hang out with other women anymore." As she spoke, Sophia glared at him furiously.

Lucas didn't know what she was doing in the room. It was almost lunchtime when he heard the footsteps downstairs.

"Lucas." A woman screamed and walked cautiously. A veil was covered on her face, leaving only a pair of black eyes blinking.

Was she mad again? He raised his eyebrows. When the woman slowly removed the scarf from her face, he was so shocked that he fell off the sofa.

He saw a white face, two black eyes, two circles of thick blush and a large mouth!

What a horror movie!

Luckily, it was in daytime, or he would think that she had come out of the TV.

"Sophia, are you okay? You are scaring me by acting like a ghost." He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"What? This is smoke makeup? You have no taste." She pouted her bright red lips, which was so disappointing. She had been painting step by step according to the plan online.

"smoke makeup?" He laughed, "weren't you scared when you looked in the mirror?"

"I have put on the makeup five or six times. This is the best." She looked like a deflated balloon and sat on the carpet. She had never worn makeup in her life.

"I'll take you out later and have someone tidy it up for you for the sake of helping me just now." Lucas sighed. He had to do something as soon as possible. Otherwise, this naughty girl would appear every day to scare him.

After lunch, she went to the No.1 Makeup Studio in Asia. It was designed by Jason, the make-up artist.

Looking at his sister up and down, Jason smacked his lips and muttered, "you have never taken care of yourself since you were born. Girls need to take care of themselves at the age of 15."

Sophia was taken into the room. Lucas was sitting in a corner and reading a magazine. Sophia was screaming in the curtains. So he covered his ears with two lumps of cotton wool.

After a while, there was no sound coming out from the curtain. Lucas raised his head and saw Sophia coming out.

Oh my god! 'is she Sophia? You look perfect in the suit!

"What are you looking at? Give me some expressions, okay?" As soon as she opened her mouth, he felt she was normal.

He shook his head and laughed. A leopard cannot change its spots.

She can't change her natur

e even if she is in a good suit.

But in fact, he really appreciated her frankness.

"Do I look good in this dress?" She looked at him happily.

"Good, very good." Lucas took Sophia's hand with a smile. The day was upcoming.

The moment the Maybach stopped at the Golden Sun Square, she got lost in her thoughts. This was the most expensive shopping mall in Q City, which was filled with luxury goods that even a kid from a poor family couldn't afford. Besides, the shop assistants there were all very snobbish, they wouldn't even give her a glimpse.

"Let's go to East Street, okay?" The cheap snack bar was where she was supposed to go.

"Don't worry, I will pay the bill today." He forcibly dragged her out.

"No way." She shook her head resolutely, as if to say no.

"It's not a free gift. I have a condition." He had a weird look on his face.

"What condition?"

"From now on, you must protect me from all kinds of women!"

She frowned and said "since you have nothing to do with that, why do you always hook up with other women? Do you still want to love women?"

"What? Are you afraid?"

"I'm scared? Hahaha." Sophia sneered.

"You are right. There are three kinds of people in the world. They are men, women strong men. Even if I am a bisexual, I won't be interested in you." He grinned a sly smile.

Embarrassed and annoyed, she snorted and turned to walk inside. 'How dare you laugh at me? I'll let you pay much money today!' she thought.

As soon as she walked in, she noticed that all the people in the hall were glaring at her, envious, anthomaniac and affectionate

Indeed, Lucas was like a star.

All of a sudden, her little self-confidence diffused extremely. She found that she had changed from a glass of cheap and tasteless water to the most expensive French champagne. Unconsciously, she put her hand into his arm. Anyway, he was a gay, so she didn't have to scruple about that.

The shop assistants were very excited to see her because of Lucas. They kept introducing the latest and limited editions to her.

Ah, the earth was really a gold digger.

She was in a good mood, but when she walked out of the Hermes, she got into a bad mood.

Enemies are always narrow-minded. They came across John and Ella again, but they didn't recognize her at all and just looked at Lucas.

"What a small world! I didn't expect to see you again." Ella smiled. Lucas was so brilliant that Ella would never forget him.

"It's because Q City is too small," She gave a mocking smile and Ella noticed her. Her eyes suddenly went bigger than the eyes of a dead fish. "Sophia, you've changed a lot in just two days?"

"Sorry to frighten you, Miss Ella." Sophia's eyes were full of ridicule. But she just wore the Chanel. Ella was too snobbish.

John stared at her without a blink. Seeing this, she felt sad. As expected, he couldn't be an exception.

"I won't bother you anymore." She raised her hand and held Lucas' arm. She brushed past John and walked out.

After resting in the cafe for a while, she went to the dressing room.

When she came out, John was waiting for her. However, she ignored him and turned her head away. He grabbed her arms and said, "you said you rejected him. Why are you still with him?

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