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   Chapter 13 Love Consultant

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"What's up, Sophia?"

"Nothing. I made a wrong phone." She replied haltingly.

"Come on, what's up?" He could tell from her tone that something was wrong.

"Lucas, are you free now?"


"Would you like to watch a movie?"

"Hey, do you want to date with me?" He was overjoyed. Who was so muddled that finally found his invincible charm?

"What are you talking about? I'm not in the mood to joke with you. Come or not?"

She almost cried. 'damn it! His heart sank. He knew there must be something wrong with this stupid woman. She must have been cheated by the man who cheated on her. She was squatting there crying. It's so late. He doesn't know what will happen to her when she stays outside alone?

He came there in a rocket speed.

The movie began. At the gate of the cinema, Sophia was all alone, shivering in the cold wind.

There were still tear stains on her face.

"Here you are, Lucas. It begins." She sniffed and wanted to smile at him. But the smile was blown away by the cold wind.

With a burst of heartache, Lucas took off his coat and put it on her. "Let's go in."

To be honest, Lucas had never been to a cinema since he grew up.

It was just like a comedy and the audience burst into laughter, but Sophia cried with tears on her face. "How about I lend you my shoulder?" Lucas leaned over and whispered.

She turned her head and glanced at him silently. Then she threw herself into his arms. The music in the cinema covered her crying.

Her mood was much better after the cry, but his shirt was wet a lot. She wiped the tears for him with a tissue, but suddenly wanted to laugh. She didn't expect that it was this "enemy" who accompany her to see the movie in the end.

"Lucas, thank you for accompanying me to see the movie. I'll buy you something to eat later."

He knew she hadn't had dinner yet, because he saw that she put her hands on her stomach and said, "I'll be right back." Then he stood up and went out. When he came back, he brought all kinds of snacks with him.

When she was full, the movie ended.

She was in a much better mood now. As soon as she got on the car, she fell asleep quickly.

He shook his head and laughed. Looking at her cute appearance, he had an impulse to kiss her.

He stopped his car at the intersection waiting for the traffic light. He couldn't help but lean over and gently touched her. The kiss gave him a big scare.

How could this muddle headed woman be his dish? He must have been possessed by madness.

He really wanted to taste it for once until the night.

Back to the villa, he picked her up and walked into the dog house. Tommy waggled his tail at her to receive her. Suddenly he felt that she shouldn't live with a dog. It was time to change a room for her, so he turned and walked out again.

As soon as he put her down, her cell phone rang in her pocket. She opened her eyes impatiently. She was shocked. This was not her dog house. When she

turned around, she saw a handsome face with guilty.

'does he have other special hobbies?'?

She jumped with fear and asked, "where am I?"

"Your new room." He smiled.

She rubbed her eyes, completely awake. Wasn't this the room next door to his? Why did he move to the room next to her? What was he up to?

"No, I don't want to move. I live well with Tommy."

"I am the host. You must obey my orders wherever I ask you to live." He acted like a bully.

"I have to hold Tommy to sleep at night." She pouted.

"It's okay. You can hold me from now on." He smiled evilly.

"You wish! You are tall. It's crowded!" She spat at him. He was 189 cm tall and had a bad sleep. She turned over carelessly and became a meat paste.

All of a sudden, her phone rang. She took it up and had a look at the screen. It was from John. When she was about to call back, the phone was snatched away by Lucas. "This kind of douchebag. You'll give him a few days off. Then he doesn't disgrace you."

She glanced at him and thought that he was her love consultant. Who authorized him? But on a second thought, as a special group, he knew both men and women well. He was indeed a good love counselor.

"Well, I'll not answer. I'm sleepy. You go out first." She lay down on the bed and pulled up the quilt to cover her head. She felt annoyed at the thought of John. Ella was beautiful and from a rich family. Maybe they would fall in love with each other in the future. What he said made sense. She had to make progress.

It was Saturday the next day. She didn't have to go to work. After finishing her work early in the morning, she went out. She spent a lot of money, buying clothes, cosmetics, etc.

When she came back, she was surprised to find that there had been two guests in the villa -- Jenny, the fiancee of Lucas. And she also brought two men with her. She couldn't believe that he was gay, so she decided to test his real identity.

"They are the most popular in the club. They have the most beautiful body and excellent martial arts. Lucas, do you like them?" Jenny smirked and winked at the men. The men immediately hugged and kissed him. With his thick eyebrows frowned, he quickly threw the two big fellows two meters away.

"Jenny, leave here in three seconds, or I'll teach you a lesson!"

"Aren't you gay? You're interested in those guys, aren't you? If you're not interested in them, you're just kidding me. I'm telling Auntie now!" Wendy was so angry that she stamped her feet.

"Miss Jenny, you are so ridiculous." Standing at the door and watching the funny scene for a long time, Sophia couldn't help but speak out. After all, she was born to be an enthusiastic and ardent woman, so she said, "Although he is a gay, he doesn't like those men Then every man must have his ways to hook up with women."

"Who are you? Why are you here?" Only then did Jenny notice her. She was shocked and thought, 'does he still keep a mistress in his house?'

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