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   Chapter 11 Is She Stupid

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"There are so many reasons for a man to cheat on his wife. Only stupid women will believe in them." Lucas sneered.

Was he cursing her foolishness in a roundabout way? Though she sometimes made a little confused, her eyes were bright and sharp. She could tell that John was lying at a glance.

"A capitalist like you, lying is more smooth than telling a joke." She gave him a ferocious look, then turned her anger into appetite, and began to eat with her head down, with the biggest appetite.

It was a high-end restaurant. The dishes there were too delicious. After she finished the seventh dish, she sighed with satisfaction.

"Are you full, baby?" Lucas said out all of a sudden.

"Yes." "What did you just call me?" asked Sophia, confused

"Baby, why don't you like it? Then I call you honey. " He raised his voice deliberately.

Not far away from here, a beam of cold light flew over John's eyes. She was too scared to look directly at him. "You must be out of your mind. Are you kidding?" She covered her mouth with her hand and protested in a very low voice.

"What? Honey, we'll go to a movie later, okay? " With an embarrassed smile on her face, Sophia almost popped her eyes out. It was not the right time to punish her now. OMG, even if she had jumped into the Pacific Ocean, she would have been unable to explain clear. "Lucas." She said through gritted teeth.

With a snicker, he walked up to her and held her by the shoulder. "Honey, let's go."

Angry as she was, she raised her hand and was about to slap him. However, he caught her hand before she could realize it. He smiled evilly and whispered to her ear, "if you don't leave now, I'm not sure if there will be other sisters' hug and sister's kiss."

OMG, Sophia even wanted to die. If there was a piece of tofu on the table, she would definitely bump into it without hesitation. She couldn't help but glance at John. How she hoped that he could rush over right now and fight with Lucas, which made him flush away. Unfortunately, Lucas didn't move at all, and accepted the food offered by Ella passively.

Slightly disappointed, Sophia stood up mechanically and walked out of the restaurant.

When they walked out of the restaurant, Ella hummed, "I didn't expect him to have such a bad taste."

Clenching his fist on his lap, John's knuckles crunched. He wanted to rushed

over to ask them to explain, but he was not brave enough.

On the way back, Sophia's roar was like a thunder that shook the eardrum of Lucas.

"Lucas, you are an idiot! Are you picking on me? Don't blame me if I do something for you. I'll teach you a lesson later. "

"Sophia, don't misunderstand me. I am helping you by doing this." Lucas answered unhurriedly.

"Help me? I think there is no need to do anything." Sophia was crazy.

"You should know that men have innate desire to conquer. A woman who is easy to get is like a cup of water in her hand, cheap and tasteless. You have to let him know that you are a woman that many men want. There are many men waiting in line behind you. As long as he takes a nap, he will be replaced at any time. "

"If he changed his mind so easily, wasn't he a bus?"

"No, no, no!" He raised his index finger and shook it. "This is to create a sense of crisis. Think about it. Only one man is willing to buy a basket of radish, and forever is. If ten people, a hundred people and a thousand people grab to buy a bunch of radish, is it more precious than Ginseng?" He smirked and shook his head. "I can deserve a skyscraper. If you are with me, you will become a treasure."

"You brat!" "If others know that you're a gay, I'll be the biggest joke in Q City," she continued, shrugging her shoulders

He ignored her words. He glanced at her and stopped the car in front of the villa.

The first thing Sophia did after getting off the car was to text and explain to John. She was somewhat enlightened by what Lucas said. So she wrote, "John, don't misunderstand about what happened today. Just now, he told me he liked me, but I didn't accept his love. He recognized you as my boyfriend and took revenge on me.". You don't know that when I came back, he deliberately provoked me and said that you cheated on me, which was not worthy of my love. If I were to be with him, he must have been doing it wholeheartedly. But I trust you. I only love you. I have made it clear to him that I will resign if he dares to harass me in the future.

Soon enough, John replied, "Sophia, don't be fooled by him. He is obviously not a good guy. You have to stay away from him from now on. Let's watch a movie together tomorrow night, okay?

Hearing this, Sophia was overjoyed. She didn't expect that Lucas would help her this time.

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