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   Chapter 9 I Don't Need Your Courtesy

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"Are you waiting for me?" She flirted with him.

"Don't flatter yourself!" He blinked and felt a little guilty. He didn't know what was wrong with him today. Why would he stay in the hall? He stared at the door and said, "you are in a good mood. You really enjoyed kicking that jerk, aren't you?"

"You are the jerk! My John is the best man in the world!" She pursed her lips grumbling.

"Hey, are you two together?" He frowned and thought to himself, 'damn it! How am I feeling?'.

"Yes, we are good. Are you disappointed?" She shook her head complacently.

"Who was so desperate yesterday?" He snorted. In fact, he felt very disappointed and jealous at the same time.

"Humph!" She stuck out her tongue at him, turned to a serious look, and said, "Lucas, are you looking for a secretary?"

"Are you eavesdropping again?" He stared at her.

"You speak so loud that everyone in the villa can hear you, okay?" She pouted and asked, "have you even changed ninety-nine secretaries?"

"It's none of your business, isn't it?" He sat cross legged on the sofa.

"Wait a minute. I'll go make a glass of orange juice for you." She went to the kitchen, and soon came back. She put a glass of orange juice in front of him. He had a quirk: he loved orange juice only and they must be freshly made. Probably that was his only hobby.

He looked at her slowly. It was the first time she had taken the initiative to "serve" him. She would act hospitably for no reason. "Tell me, what do you want from me?"

"I want to apply for your secretary!" She replied clearly and forcefully.

He choked and almost spat out the orange juice that he had just taken a sip. "Are you kidding me?"

"I am serious." She looked at him seriously.

He got the requirements of recruitment from his customized iPad unhurriedly: 20 requirements!

"Have you seen it? You don't have any of them." He remembered very clearly that Sophia just graduated from university and had only worked for three months. Her qualifications were only enough for an executive position. How could she be employed by his CEO office?

"Well, it doesn't matter. I can have rich experience. Safety is the most important thing," she replied, waving her hand.

"Safe?" Lucas raised his eyebrows. In terms of fighting skills, it was easy for him to fight with ten men.

"I know you are insecure. Otherwise, why did you hide a knife in your pocket?" Before she could finish her words, all the orange juice was spat out of his mouth. Speaking of what happened that night, he was totally in a mess. 'is this woman really from the earth? Isn't she some alien creature covered with human skin?'?

"I know why it's hard to choose your secretary. If you choose a woman, you will be afraid that she will fall in love with you. If you choose a man, you will fall in love with a man. However, if you choose me, things will be different. I won't like you and you won't like me either. We are just working together. Isn't it the safest choice?" Her curly eyelashes flickered cunningly, like two butterflies shuttling through the flowers. He was absorbed in for a moment, but suddenly he grabbed her arms and pulled her back. They both fell on the sofa.

Top woman and bottom man.

"Are you sure you won't fall in love with me?" He put his arms around her, smiling.


he shook her head like a rattle drum and hugged him back. "Come on. Give me another hug."

Lucas felt his heart was in fire. If there was a basin next to him, he would surely spit out a lot of blood. What made him dizzy most was that some part of his body woke up! He had been a playboy before, but why did he disappear as soon as he met this woman? She might be a person who was carried with some super viruses that beat his immune line better than other male animals.

"Sophia, get up."

"If you don't agree, I won't stand up." She was naughty and flexible, like a water snake wriggling on his body.

son of a gun! Lucas felt a strong devil like impulse growing in his body. Seduction, this was pure seduction!

"Don't forget, you are my maid now, and you still owe me a lot of debts." When he spoke, his hot and dry Adam's apple kept moving.

"I'm an assistant in the daytime, and a housemaid in the evening. I don't need a salary of 60 thousand a year. I just need another two thousand. 3000 is enough. Well, it's lower than the salary of the workers. Isn't it a good deal for a capitalist like you who loves to exploit?" She put her elbows on his shoulders, and got closer to him with her pretty face.

He felt a little dizzy and said, "okay." "So you can do it for three months. If you fail the test, you can't blame me," he continued. "Okay, that's a deal. " Sophia smiled, her slightly narrowed eyes curving like the crescent moon. She had googled Lucas on the Internet. Except for his family background, he was also a big shot in the business field. He was "the final winner in the stock market" and "the business law". If she could work for him, she would definitely learn a lot, and then she could be helpful.

"Sophia, if you don't come downstairs right now, I will not let go of you!" He gritted his teeth. He had been tolerating for too long a time. He will be sick.

"What about you?" She pouted.

"No matter what, I'm a woman. What can't I do?" Before he finished his words, Sophia jumped up and fell down to the sofa, "Ouch!" She cried out in pain. Glaring at him with her almond shaped eyes, which were wider than the bronze bell, she said angrily, "you bastard!"

The next day, Sophia excitedly went to ZW Group.

ZW Group was founded by Lucas when he was a student of Harvard University. It was known to all in the world.

However, after registration in the CEO Office, she was a little disappointed. This secretary was not that secretary. She was simply serving tea and making coffee. She was really impressed. How picky was this man? He was too demanding for such a simple thing. It was a waste.

There were four generals working for Lucas: Minnie was a woman with a glib tongue. It was said that she could make the dead live, and the living be killed. For Jerry, who had power force, his shadow organization came to nowhere. As for Kai, the king of heck, it was said that he was invincible in the Internet, and even the defensive system of a lieutenant was weak in front of him. The last one was her strongest brain, Tina, her brain was like a super computer, which could not be forgotten.

The secretaries in the CEO office not only needed to serve Lucas, but also needed to be served by the four major general. As long as anyone was dissatisfied with it, they had to leave immediately.

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