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   Chapter 7 Why Do You Need A Knife When You Sleep

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"It's his loss that he don't want you. Men are indispensable in this world. You don't need to be mistreated by a bastard."

He didn't expect that he would comfort her. He should have taken the opportunity to ridicule her. Looking at her tearful eyes, he even had a kind heart. This was not his style.

Sophia snuffled and looked at him with tearful eyes. "Lucas, are you sleepy?"

"What are you doing?" Lucas raised his eyebrows. It was late at night. He was so sleepy.

"I bought the lottery yesterday. Will you help me win the game?" she continued. She even asked for her to do this because she was dizzy. She was so lonely now. As long as there was someone by her side, she could ask anyone for help.

He thought he should have refused directly. As the gentleman in the capital, he had a bad reputation for doing such a boring thing. However, he couldn't help but nod.

Therefore, the long night passed quietly in a pile of numbers like ants.

"Oh my God! Why am I so unlucky today..." Sophia said, with a last bit of disappointment. As soon as she finished, she fell to the ground and burst into tears, "more than one hundred lotteries didn't even get 200 Yuan. Am I a loser?" she rolled on the woollen carpet, and then sat up on the ground, grabbing the bear which was Lucas use it to kill time for his boring activity. She gulped up the beer and said, "I want more." She yelled at him.

If he had known that you could not touch a drop of wine and would turn "Crazy" at the slightest touch of it, he would never have handed the beer to her again, but he had no idea at all.

Sophia drank another half and her face turned red.

"Lucas Mo --" she screamed and suddenly threw herself into his arms.

"Hey, calm down. Get up quickly." Lucas was shocked He held her shoulder and didn't expect her to hold him even tighter.

"Sophia, this is a harassment!" He trembled as if he got an electric shock. Normally, if a woman dared to come up to him like this, she would have been thrown ten meters away. But today, he did not have such an impulse at all.

"What? You don't like women." She murmured, with her head against his chest.

Not a man?

The woman seemed to be aware of it. She twisted uncomfortably. It's making things worse for Lucas.

"Woman, don't move, or you will regret it!" His voice was a little hoarse as he swallowed.

"What's in your pocket? I was hurt." As she spoke, she took her hand from his.

"Sophia, you will punish if you touch me casually." Hearing her words, Lucas was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. He took a deep breath and spit it out. She had said he didn't have any physiological class, but she didn't, either.

"Is it a knife? Are you too rich? You don't have a sense of security, so you need a knife even when you sleep?" She waved to him and said, "don't worry. I will protect you in the future."

Lucas took a deep breath again. What the hell! This woman was playing with fire!

A long time had passed, but her little hand had no intention to move away.

He felt as if the air he breathed had boiled, "well, you asked for it." He turned over and pressed her under his body, kissing her wildly.

But she d

idn't reply.

He slightly opened his eyes.

She was asleep!

"Sophia Ye!" He roared.

The woman didn't respond.

Does he have to solve it by himself? '?

He was so angry that he gritted his teeth, threw her on the bed and rushed to the bathroom.

Sophia didn't wake up until the next noon, but she totally forgot the episode after midnight.

When she came to the hall, she saw the gloom in someone's black eyes. She unconsciously took a step back.

"What are you doing? You looked like a monster when we met. I didn't do anything wrong to you!" She pouted.

She didn't offend him? He tossed and turned all night long because of her. She was so unromantic that no wonder she would be dumped!

"Go to work now. Don't get lazy just because you broke up with your boyfriend." He growled.

"Why are you so furious to me!" She stuck out her tongue at him and walked to the tool room, looking at her cell phone while walking. There were twenty-eight calls from last night to today, and twenty-two messages were from John. She muted the phone, but she didn't hear it.

"It's not what you think. I'll explain everything to you tomorrow when we meet, okay?"

"Sophia, don't ignore me. Give me a chance to explain."

"Our relationship is not what you think. Please trust me. I miss you so much. When I was in America, I miss you every day."

"I love you, Sophia. I really love you. I have never changed. I have never changed."

"Sophia, can you answer the phone? I beg you."

To explain? What else should he explain? Now that everything was clear, did he want to hit her again? Yes, she had always been strong and optimistic. But she was not made of iron, even an iron would rust.

When she was about to put down her phone, her phone rang again. It was a call from John.

She hesitated for a while and answered the phone.

"Thank God! Sophia, you finally answered." His voice sounded nervous and uneasy.

"John, you don't have to comfort me. I will be fine. Who am I? I am the kind of person who can't break down a person easily. Without you, I will continue to go on and live my life."

"But I can't live without you! I will die without you! "I'm at the door of your previous house. Where did you move? Why didn't you tell me?"

"You didn't tell me when you came back, did you?"

"I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to misunderstand me. Where are you now? Tell me. I'll come to you and explain everything, okay?"

Sophia went silent.

The voice anxiously came through the phone, "Sophia, say something. Don't hang up the phone. Please, Sophia."

"See you at the Century Square in two hours." As soon as she finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

Her mind was in a whirl and she didn't know whether she should believe what he said or not. She turned around and found that Lucas was standing at the door, staring straight at her.

"What Were you eavesdropping? " She frowned.

"I'm not interested in your business. I'm listening to the wind." He snorted.

"I need to go out for a while."

"I know. Finish the battle as soon as possible." He waved his hand and went away. If he didn't let her out, she would be crazy tonight!

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