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   Chapter 6 We Are Just Friends

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"What are you doing here?" Lucas was angry about her peeping!

"Cleaning the stairs? What's wrong?" She said sourly and shook off his hand.

"What did you hear?"

"I'm not interested in your crap." She made a face and stuck out her tongue at him. "I happen to have a good friend. He is a little fresh, and you are a handsome. You are a good match. Would you like me to introduce you to him?"

"Are you too idle? Do you need me to give you more work? " Lucas squinted and threatened her.

"Can't I just make a joke?" She shot him a glare and knocked her head with her index finger. "But you need to think it through. I always respect other people's privacy and I will delete the thing I saw just now from the hip."

"You are smart enough to know that." He snorted and went downstairs alone.

In the afternoon, Jay sent her the address and phone number of John. Sophia was eagerly waiting for a magic broom in her hand to fly towards John. But Lucas was still standing in the hall.

"I need to go out for a while." She walked to him and saw him watching business news on the iPad.

"No Way!" He didn't even lift his eyelids.

"I must get out!" She shouted at him furiously.

"Reason?" He asked slowly.

"I want to buy bread." She bet that he would not refuse this reason.

"Bread?" He raised his eyebrows and said, "there are a lot of bread in the kitchen. If you want to eat something, go and take it by yourself."

"This is for women, not for food."

"How can the bread be used?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Don't you have any physiological lessons? You even don't know this! " She pouted.

Suddenly, he put down his iPad and looked at her with a surprised look, as if he had seen a monster which looked like a spark. Then he stood up, looked at her with his head. "You mean French bread? You have the sexual orientation! "

Surprised, Sophia didn't know he thought about that. Why he could imagine a lot?

"Lucas, I'm talking about the sanitary towel!" Clenching her fists, she almost screamed.

"Ah -" an eye of disappointment spilled over Lucas' mouth as he sighed, even longer than that of his trance. "I thought you, a bumpkin, have been creative enough."

"Hurry up, I'm going out, unless you want to me bleed your house." She threatened. Anyway, this guy was a gay, so there was no need to be too careful.

He waved his hand to let her go out and did not want her to make his ground dirty.

Sophia finally arrived at S Garden after an hour's subway.

When she walked to the staircase, she saw John just came out of the elevator with the woman in the photo beside him. The two people talked and laughed, in an intimate way.

"I didn't expect that you would really come back." Sophia stood there and she was too weak to move. She murmured.

John was shocked too. He shook off the woman's hand almost subconsciously and asked, "Sophia, why are you here?"

"Do you know each other?" The woman sensed something was wrong. She looked at Sophia with hostility in her eyes.

"It's a friend." John looked away and avoided the eye contact with her.

"Which friend? Why didn't you mention it? " The woman refused to let him go.

"We are just friends." Said John in a low voice.

ordinary friend? All the

se years, I was just a friend to you!

Distance is really the killer of love!

She was too stupid and naive.

"Are you looking for John?" The woman asked deliberately.

"I don't know he's back." "I'm here to see my friend. He's not at home. I should go now." Before they could respond, she turned around and ran out of the room.

She had lost her courage and had no strength to stay there any longer. Her whole world seemed to collapse in an instant. She ran desperately, ran as fast as she could. The harsh horn of the car kept ringing in her ears. The driver craned his head and swore outside. She turned a deaf ear and ran ahead, until she exhausted her last strength. The place where she stopped gasped was the charity station.

A loss in love made the casino complacent. Fine, let's go and gamble!

She took out all the money in her pocket and said, "check it for me. How much can I pay?"

The shopkeeper counted the price and said, "total 262. You can buy 131."

"Okay, buy all of them."

When she arrived at the villa, it was already dark. Without taking a rest, she went straight to work.

Originally, Lucas planned to keep disturbing her in the middle of the night to make her restless, but he found that it was completely unnecessary, because she hadn't stopped until three o'clock in the morning.

He heard that women are extremely emotionally unstable several days of every month. But isn't it too weird for a woman who doesn't want to live like her?

"Sophia, you can go to bed now?" He yawned, bent down and tapped her back with his finger.

"I'm not finished yet." She didn't even look back.

"You've cleaned the floor eight times."

"Of course not." She wiped the floor as she spoke.

"Aren't you hungry?" He found that she hadn't eaten or drunk any water until now.

"I'm not hungry." She shook her head.

"Are you okay, Sophia?"

"I'm working. Could you please leave me alone?" She said impatiently.

It seemed that he had to take measures to prevent it from happening. Otherwise, she will die. Lucas grabbed the cleaning cloth from Sophia's hand and said, "Sophia, go back now. It's time for dinner and sleep."

"It's none of your business." She went to grab the rag from his hand.

"This is an order, and you must obey it unconditionally." Since soft methods failed, hard tactics were used.

As these words were uttered out of his mouth, Sophia fell to the ground, paralyzed.

"Am I very ugly?" She stared at her own shadow on the floor.

Touching his chin, he stared at her with a meaningful look. "Sophia, are you breaking up with your boyfriend?" A lovelorn woman would always lose her self-confident and the first thing to doubt was her appearance.

She didn't seem to hear his words and continued, "he is rich and handsome. I am an ordinary and poor girl. I should not have been with him. It was God's trick that I was born in the same room with me and in the same month. It made me think that he and I were destined to be together. So I don't care about what others think, no matter whether his family like me, or whether America was far. I am so optimistic and always believed that we would be together. I'm such an innocent girl! How couldn't he be insulted by someone like me! "

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