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   Chapter 5 A Gap In The Mentality

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She felt so tired that she didn't even have the strength to move her fingers.

Unfortunately, at this moment, the device rang.

After two sharp whistling sounds, the timer began to jump quickly.

She jumped up almost reflexively, opened the door, turned her sadness and indignation into power, and rushed wildly into the room of Lucas.

She pushed the door open. One minute was just enough for her.

She was only dressed in a wide Nightgown, barefoot. Her short hair was in a mess and looked like a lunatic. Her eyes were red, and there were tears on her face.

He thought he had seen a ghost at first.

"Are you coming here to scare me on purpose?" He frowned his beautiful eyebrows.

"I'm already asleep. Do I need to get changed and put on makeup before going out? I'm not the god who can manage to froze time, changing a minute into an hour." She rolled her eyes at him.

He focused his eyes on her face and keenly felt her abnormality. He snickered in his heart.

To be honest, he really felt angry when he saw Tommy who never got along well with a stranger surrender to her at night. After all, Tommy caused any trouble to the 99 maids. She finally got into trouble.

"Did you cry? If you can't do it, then don't stick to it. Beg me, maybe I will change some of your business. " The corners of his mouth curved upward.

"Damn you!" "I'm allergic to dog fur. I'll go to the pharmacy and buy medicine tomorrow," she continued, pretending to be calm. She lied naturally and smoothly. After all, she didn't cry because of him.

He was much more dejected. "Pour me a glass of water and add some ice." He needed ice to please himself.

"Why not add ice to water?" Raising her eyebrows slightly, she asked, "are you an ice addict?"

"Cut the crap." He was choked.

"The rich are so squeamish. No wonder you let waiter sent so many ice cubes to you last time." She muttered. Her voice was not too low. He heard it in a whirl.

He asked ice only to curb the effect, because his damn fiancee, Jenny Xue, had tampered with his wine! Unfortunately, Sophia came here without permission. She deserved it!

"Hurry up!" He said in a low voice and turned his eyes to the computer. He would not allow this woman to challenge his patience. Of course, he would not let her have a good night.

Therefore, he called her name once every hour until he couldn't help falling asleep.

The next day, he lay in the sofa lazily, looking at her with two black eyes happily. She yawned all the time in the villa. He had been in the cold spring on the blue lake in Iceland. It was fantastic! But he didn't know that this was a relief to her. Without enough time to think, she could temporarily forget the pain of "betrayal".

In the afternoon, there came a guest in the villa and she quickly recognized that the guest was the woman who was thrown

out of the hotel at that night.

She wore a high-end tailored skirt of Chanel, with a fresh and brightly makeup, looking noble and charming, which was in sharp contrast to that of discomfiture and embarrassment that night.

"Lucas, are you still mad at me?" Sitting next to Lucas, she moved her body coquettishly and said, "it's because of aunty. I want to take care of her and give her a grandchild. After all, we are going to get married sooner or later. It's just a test. We don't know whether it's appropriate for us to have a baby at that time."

"It's inappropriate!" With a poker face and a cold voice, Lucas said, "Jenny, I will not marry you."

"Why? What's wrong with me? Not pretty or hot enough? " Jenny was anxious, her big eyes blinking with tears.

"Jenny, you are a good woman. Sexy and hot!" Lucas' voice suddenly became warm, "the only bad thing is that you are a woman!"

"What do you mean?" Jenny was taken aback.

"Actually, I have been wanting to tell you for a long time." Lucas sighed, walked to the bar counter, poured a glass of wine and took a sip slowly. "I don't like women!" He said it word by word, with an emphasis on his tone.

Jenny's face turned pale, her eyes almost popping out. "You You You mean... "

Lucas shrugged silently.

"What You lied to me. You used to have a lot of women. " Jenny stammered.

"They couldn't be more than a week. I was just venting my physical needs. Jenny, you are different from them in my heart. I treat you as my sister and I don't marry you for your own good. I can't change my sexual orientation. Marriage can only hurt you." All of a sudden, Lucas' face and tone became extremely gentle, which made Jenny burst into tears. She couldn't believe it, and she couldn't accept this. But she didn't see any sign of lying from his face. Oh my god, she was even desperate to die.

When they were talking, Sophia happened to walk to the stairway and heard the most important words clearly.

Oh, myladygaga! She took a deep breath. This arrogant young man should be as same as Jay. The world was getting more and more crazy!

She shook her head and sighed happily. This was a good thing for her. Now she could relax at home.

Jenny screamed hysterically, which echoed around the hall.

"Ahhhh! I don't believe you. It's all bullshit! You must be lying!" She suddenly madly pounced on him.

"Plagiarism!" "Unbelievable!" Sophia exclaimed!

"Jenny, what's wrong with you?" The tall and strong Lucas grabbed her shoulders and threw her away several meters. She lay on the ground and didn't move.

"What a scene!" "How can I know this?".

Jenny curled up on the ground and cried hysterically. Lucas called security guards to throw her out.

Seeing that Lucas turned around and was about to go upstairs, Sophia wanted to jump up to escape, but was caught by him quickly.

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