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   Chapter 4 You Are Back

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She clapped her hands, straightened up, turned to look at Rose, and said, "since we are living in a dog house, there is no reason to deduct the rent, right?"

There was a muscle twitched on Rose's face. She raised her glasses and looked at Sophia for a long time with a strange look. Then she handed a intelligence device to her, "You have to carry it with you all the time, so that the master can call you in the evening. As long as the master call you, you have to get to the position in one minute no matter where you are. Pay attention to the timer on the top. The master call is finished. It will immediately start. "

What a crazy man! "Bitch!".

Before leaving, Rose continued, "the villa is equipped with the most advanced security system in the world. There's no way a bee can fly out, nor a fly can fly in. So, you can't take out a single needle."

After she left, Sophia began to clean up the mansion.

The house was huge and was like a maze. It took her half a day to get from the first floor to the third floor and to find the way. Finally, she arranged a room for Lucas on the third floor.

She selected Poker Face by Lady gaga on the phone. Then she put on the headphones and followed humming while busying around. When she heard that, she even grasped the vacuum cleaner's hand and twisted it a few times.

After that, she lifted a dust catcher in one hand and a hand-use duster cloth in the other. Singing a song, she twisted her slender waist and left.

As she was walking backwards, she hit something behind her without knowing it.

She turned around and raised her head. She saw that unexpectedly handsome face. He was staring at her with strange eyes, as if facing a strange creature from the outer space. To be honest, he had been staying in the villa the whole time, secretly watching her clean from inside to outside. From top to bottom, there was no complaining, no sigh, no hysterical scream, no tearing. She was so boring.

"You enjoy it?" The depressed tone revealed his dissatisfaction and disappointment.

"It's better to be happy than to cry bitterly and complain continuously. It's better to do it in a good mood." Sophia rolled her eyes at him and was about to leave, but she was stopped by him. "Wait!" His voice was light as a goose feather, but his tone was as forceful as an order.

He walked to the bedside table, put out his long index finger and made an arc in the table, and then rubbed it between his fingers.

"How is it? Is it very clean?" "I will never give you any chance to find fault with me!"

An unexplainable emotion crept in his eyes for a while, "you can go out now." He said coldly, turned around and looked out of the window.

As she hummed a song and walked out of the room, her eyebrows dancing. She had won this round.

At night, after taking a shower for Tommy, Sophia picked it up and went back to her room. They lay down on the carpet, playing with each other. She then leaned on its hairy back and opened her mobile phone, At about eight o'clock, her phone rang. It was Jay, her good friend.

Jay and she were schoolmates. They became good friends quickly because of a zither competition. After graduating from university, he was regarded as a paparazzo.

"Sophia, there's something that I don't know whether I should tell you or not," Said Jay in a strange voice.

"What are you talking about? Just spit it out. Stop talking like that." Sophia replied in a tone of ridicule.

"I meet a person at commerce meeting of J Hotel." Jay replied slowly.

"Who is it? The man loves

you?" Sophia laughed.

"Stop it. I'm serious." Jay paused for a while and answered, "he is the man you have been thinking of day and night. He is the successor of X Group, named John Xu." Jay lowered his voice on purpose, but Sophia could still hear him clearly because she was deeply imprinted in her mind.

"What?" She suddenly jumped off the carpet with a "whoosh" sound. "How could that be possible? John is still in the United States!"

"Wait a minute. Send the picture to you on Wechat. There is truth behind it." After hanging up the phone, he uploaded several photos on the wechat.

Looking at the person in the photo, she was sure it was John! He was dressed in a black straight suit and a tie, which made him more mature and handsome. He smiled at the girl next to him. He smiled at the girl next to him. The girl had an exquisite oval face, an enchanting almond eye, a tall nose, a rosy cherry mouth, and the fancy evening dress set off her slender figure and snow-white skin.

She took his arm. They were so close.

All of a sudden, Sophia felt that she was under the cloud. She felt as if she was hit by a lightning, and she had a violent convulsion. Her heart was like a free fall, falling straightly from the abyss down, and then broken into pieces under the strong impact. She fell heavily on the hard rock, as if she were dust.

It was said that distance would become killers of love if one was separated from another for too long a time, and the feelings of this two places would change, not to mention that they had been separated from each other for so long a time. She didn't believe. She believed that their relationship would not change because of distance and time, and that their fate was destined. She waited, waited, and waited. She thought, 'is this the result she wants?

'John, why didn't you tell me you were back?'? Did you really change? Did you really change because of the extreme aesthetic sense? Are you losing our love to the Pacific Ocean? Did you bury your promise in the western region?"

With her legs becoming weak, she slumped to the ground. Tears burst out from her eyes, like the flood behind a gate, burst out on her face, and dripped into the blanket, leaving a large area of rain.

"Sophia, are you okay?" "Before you make it clear, don't think too much." He seemed to have guessed what she was thinking.

"Jay, help me get his phone number and address in Q Sea. Don't let him know our relationship."

After hanging up the phone, she dialed the number of John with trembling hands. It was still connected after several beeps. And someone answered with a very attractive voice. She knew it must be John, which made her more confused.

"What's wrong? It's so late. Why are you still up?"

"What time is it? Is it time to get up?" She tried to keep her tone calm.

"I came back at 9 o'clock this morning." He laughed on the phone.

"John, when will you come back?" She bit her lips.

"There is an academic seminar. I will be back as soon as it is over." He spoke in a relaxed and smooth tone, showing no sign of lying at all. After saying that, he added, "do you miss me?"

"I miss you so much." A wry smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

"I miss you too." He gave a kiss on the microphone, "I have to go now. I will call you in the evening."

"Okay." She hung up the phone. Suddenly she felt cold all over her body. Why was there no trace of huff and hate in his tone? Was he really the John that she knew? She could not think of an answer. She felt distressed and collapsed on the carpet.

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