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   Chapter 3 Lucas Mo

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Sophia arrived at the company an hour later than usual.

She was feeling nervous when she saw that her supervisor was waiting for her. Was he going to reprimand her for coming late to work? Much to her surprise, that wasn't the case.

As would be the case, someone had filed for her resignation early that morning.

"You younger generation are so fickle! Always jumping from one thing to another. I can assure you that if you keep this up, you'll have a hard time in life and just end up living in your parents' house for the rest of your life! But I guess that's not up for me to decide," Sophia's supervisor scolded her in a shrill voice as she rolled her eyes.

As she would always do, Sophia didn't bother to argue with her, and quietly swallowed her anger.

To be honest, this job was practically boring. Her salary was poor, and she worked overtime without pay every day. On weekends, she only had one day to rest. The thing she hated most about her job, however, was that that awful, bossy woman who was always picking on her. But she still endured it. It wasn't that easy to get a job nowadays. The economic situation in the whole country was at a downward spiral. There were a lot of people who didn't have jobs and it didn't look like the situation was going to change any time soon. Sophia felt relieved that she was even able to find this job after she graduated.

With a polite nod, Sophia packed up all her things silently and walked out of the company.

Feeling annoyed and defeated, she went back to her cramped apartment. Before she could even put her things down, her landlord knocked on her door. He said that she was to leave as soon as she could. Someone had told her landlord that she wouldn't be living there anymore.

Even her own home was taken away from her!

Did that arrogant, rich man really want to drive her to her own death?!

When she closed the door behind her, she couldn't help but grunt in annoyance. "What an asshole!" she exclaimed. Sophia took deep breaths, and tried to think about the only positive thing left in her life, John.

After they graduated from high school, he was admitted to Columbia University in America with his excellent grades. In order to get to his level, she studied very hard every day. Finally, she was admitted to one of the top national universities, Q University.

John said he would come back and marry her as soon as he graduated. But it had been three months since he graduated. Why hadn't he come back yet?

"John, please come back soon. I miss you so much!"

She stared at the picture on her phone, lost in thought.

Before dawn the next day, she was awakened by a loud knock at the door. A man named Mike was sent to pick her up. Sophia could only assume that this was someone working for the man she hated so much.

She followed him into the car, yawning. "Who is your boss anyway? Why does he act all arrogant as if he's the king of the world?"

"I'll tell you who he is. But you might get frightened and eat your words," Mike said with a coy smile. Sophia raised her eyebrows.

"Just say it. Let's see how frightened I'll get," she replied mockingly as she rolled her eyes at him.

Mike gave a cough and cleared his throat, "Alright then. His name is Lucas Mo."

"Never heard of him," she shrugged her shoulders indifferently.

"He is the famous Mr. Lucas!" Mike stared at her fiercely, as if her ignorance and indifference were a great insult to him.

"What's the big deal?" Sophia snorted as she threw up her hands.

"Mr. Lucas was admitted to Harvard University at the age of 16. Currently, he is in charge of the ZW Group, one of the Global 500 in the world," Mike shook his head in disbelief that someone wouldn't know who his boss was. There was glint in his eye that made it obvious that Mike was honored because his employer was such a distinguished person.

After more than an hour's journey, the car had entered a large neighborhood. Among the mountains and trees, a uniquely shaped villa emerged. Looking from afar, it looked like a white sw

an with its wings extended, breaking free and yearning for freedom.

Sophia entered the villa. She waited a long time at the living room before Lucas came downstairs, the housekeeper closely by his side.

Rose, the housekeeper, was to be Sophia's new supervisor. She looked about forty years old. Judging by her metal framed glasses and stern face, she looked like a very tough woman. At this moment, her eyes were constantly sizing Sophia up.

Lucas sat cross legged on the sofa and winked at Rose.

Rose turned to Sophia and began to announce the rules. "In the villa, don't cry and laugh. Don't speak loudly. In short, don't make any noise. Don't use perfume, and make sure that you don't leave any smell of disinfectant in your body. You are responsible for the cleaning of the villa from the first floor to the third floor. You must clean it every morning and evening. There should not be a speck of dust on the carpet and tiles. Do not leave any dust, especially hair, in the windows, doors and furniture!" Rose stopped for a moment, pushed her glasses up and continued, "You must absolutely obey all of Mr. Lucas' orders and requirements. On top of that, you must be with Mr. Lucas if he tells you so. Never say "no" to Mr. Lucas. Do you have any questions?"

"All of his orders and requirements? I will never sell myself out!" Sophia complained.

"I am sorry to have misunderstood you." Wearing an extremely sarcastic smile. "You've been the hundredth maid in the villa since the past six months. I advise you to think twice before you say things like that about the boss. Anyone who has an interest in our boss..." Rose stopped and after raising her hand to make a gesture of cutting her throat, she continued, "will get fired!" But she didn't tell Sophia that the job given to her was shared by a team of four maids before.

Although he did not speak, the sneer on Lucas' face was enough to know what he was thinking. Seeing this, Sophia got ever angrier. She shook her head with disdain. "This is ridiculous. That's too many things for me to do on my own! Besides, what's so great about this person? I've looked at him about a hundred times since I've met him, and he's not as great as everyone gives him credit for!" she retorted, her arms crossed over her chest.

Rose snorted. She knew for a fact that most women were obsessed with Lucas. They were mad about getting his affection. Some have jumped off buildings or cut their wrists just so that he'd notice them. There were also some who had suffered from anorexia or had gone totally crazy. All because of Lucas.

Ignoring her, Rose turned to Lucas. "Boss, I'll take her to her room," she told him with a slight bow.

He nodded slightly with a very strange smile on his face.

Sophia's intuition told her that it wasn't going to be easy working here for him.

She followed Rose to the second floor and down the very end of the hall.

As soon as the door opened, a white Samoyed came at them.

"This is Tommy. You will have to share a room with him." Rose then pointed to the two beds in the room and said, "The big bed is Tommy's. The small bed is yours. Don't mix it up. Tommy doesn't like others occupying his bed! Which reminds me, you have to take care of Tommy. Bathe him and brush his teeth every day. He has an eating schedule and you need to follow that."

Sophia felt that her head was going to explode from anger. Letting her live together with a dog. How degrading!

Sophia took a deep breath and exhaled deeply. There was no other choice. She had to put up with all those things or be on the losing end.

Did he think that he could crush her spirits this way? Well, he was absolutely wrong!

She had a dog in her house when she was a child. She liked dogs very much and knew how to live in peace with them.

Sophia bent over and smiled, petting Tommy on the head. "Tommy, be good. Let's be good friends, alright? I'll cook delicious meals for you if you will be nice."

In an instant, Tommy wagged its tail at Sophia. It looked like they were going to get along well.

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