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   Chapter 2 Childhood Sweetheart

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Sophia and John were like a match made in heaven. They were born in the same place and grew up in the same neighborhood. They even had the same birthday! It was as if the entire universe had made it so that they would be brought together.

As long as they were together, Sophia didn't care about anything else.

She was willing to lose everything she had if it meant that she wouldn't lose him.

John was her heaven on earth, her whole world and life!

Tossing and turning in bed, she jumped off and rushed into the bathroom to wash away all the places the man had touched. Last night, she had already taken a bath for nearly five times. The large bottle of bath gel was all used up. However, she could still feel all the places the man had touched. What was worse, there was still a kiss mark on her neck.

When she walked out of the bathroom the sixth time around, her stomach rumbled. Thoughtfully, she patted her belly. It was getting late. Dressing quickly, she tidied herself up and went out.

Just when she arrived at the gate of the community, she was stopped by two towering, muscular men in black suits.

"Are you Sophia Ye?" one of them asked.

"What do you want?" She looked at the blank faces of the men, feeling that they were dangerous and unkind.

"Our boss wants to see you," the man said coldly.

"You must have mistaken me for someone else," she mumbled.

She took two steps back and wanted to run away. But before she could turn around, she was grabbed by two big hands and was dragged into the black Rolls Royce.

There was a man sitting at the back. The seats were made of crocodile skin leather. He had one of his leg on top of the other, and his arms were spread across leisurely. There was some gauze at the top of his head, but it still didn't hide the fact that he was unbelievably handsome. He looked so breathtaking that it was as if God had taken special care to make him.

The man's wheat-toned skin was smooth and flawless. His deep facial features were as delicate as a masterpiece that has been carefully carved by a skilled craftsman. His body was also undeniably glorious. It was like he had jumped out from a Greek painting, his entire presence emanating charm, glamour, and perfection.

Sophia was taken aback and inhaled sharply. Unconsciously, she leaned against the window to set more space in between them. Then, she lifted her gaze and met the man's eyes.

He had a pair of eyes as sharp and cold as the Arctic star. There was a deadly charm in his deep and dark eyes. People would imperceptibly step away when they saw him, afraid that he could seize their souls any time he wished.

Her heart trembled inexplicably and she looked away in a hurry.

"Who are you? I don't know you," Sophia stammered as she clasped her hands nervously in front of her. There was a sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Really?" The man leaned against the seat, the corners of his mouth raising up to a devious smile. His thin lips curved up to a dazzling arc. "Did you forget what happened last night so quickly?" he asked, his voice low and raspy.

Last... night?!

When she realized who this man was, Sophia's eyes widened in shock.

The person who assaulted her last night wasn't her brother-in-law but rather....

"I don't understand what you're talking about. You must have mistaken me for someone else," Sophia lied as she shook her head in panic. She had no idea why she had to deny it--she was the victim, after all!

The man raised his thick eyebrows slightly and sneered. He took out a mobile phone from the drawer built in at the bottom of the seat, holding it up for her to see. "Technology nowadays is so advanced. It's so easy to find anyone you want to find."

Sophia recognized immediately that it was her phone in his hands. No wonder she couldn't find it when she got home.

"I was about to call the police. I didn't expect that you would come here. At least it would be easier to turn you in," she bluffed, trying to keep calm.

"Call the police?" The man sneered and retorted. "Fine. I will even call the police for you. Maybe you'll be so kind to explain how you sneaked into my room last night, hurt me and shattered my sixty-million-dollar porcelain vase?" After saying that, he picked up a bag of broken porcelain pieces at his feet and threw them in front of her. She trembled violently as if she was struck by electricity. Then, she gritted her teeth and glared at him. "That's nonsense. You were molesting me. It was just self-defense!"

"Molesting you?" The man's face showed an extremely sarcastic look. "Weren't you the one who slipped into my room and tried to seduce me?" His eyes fell on her neck, where the trace of his kiss was

still marked on her skin vividly. Seeing this, an amused smile appeared on his lips.

Sophia saw where he was looking and she pulled up her collar in a hurry, feeling ashamed and angry. Then she raised her arm and threw a punch at the window. "Who do you think you are? You think you're so great because of all the money you have. Well guess what? I hate assholes like you the most, and I do not have an ounce of interest in you! I was just there at the hotel to go see my brother-in-law. How was I supposed to know that you were in that room instead?" she shouted at him.

Her words did not anger him. In fact, it appeared as if he got even more amused. "Breaking in to others' property... I can put you in prison for at least five or six years, do you know that?"

"What... What do you mean?" Her heart jolted in her chest.

"What do you think I meant?" The man asked.

She bit her lower lip and lowered her head as she thought of what she should do or say next. Her thick eyelashes cast a dark shadow on her bright eyes. How could she explain to the police that she had gotten inside the wrong room? She couldn't afford to offend rich people like him.

"What do you want?" She said flatly as she looked up at him.

"Well, now that you've asked, I will get straight to the point," He pursed his lips and said. "I'm a tolerant person. As long as you serve me for one year, all our scores will be settled!"

'Serve him? Like... a maid?' She almost screamed out. Was he going to make her serve him?

She stared incredulously at the gorgeous face in front of her, her fists clenched. "No way! I won't be your maid!"

"It's up to you..." With a hint of slyness in his eyes, he took out his mobile phone from his pocket and dialed. "Hmm. Police. Last night, there was a female bandit..."

She jumped from the seat and grabbed his phone. To be honest, she really wanted to punch him, but she couldn't. She had to endure it. She couldn't be put in jail and lose John.

She took a deep breath, and exhaled loudly. "Okay, fine!" she said with her eyes closed in defeat. "I'll do as you say. But you have to give me a salary, one thousand and five hundred every month. I can't just work for you around the clock without pay. I have to eat, pay rent and utilities, and other daily expenses!"

The man did not answer, but his silence seemed to show his approval.

"On top of that, I need a day off every week. I'm not a machine, so I need to rest," She added, trying to fight for the little rights she had.

The man stared at her without beating an eyelash, his eyes deep and unpredictable. "You'll get your day off when I'm not around," he coldly said after a while.

"All right." She shrugged and reached out her hand to him, "Now, it's time to return my phone to me, right?"

The man smiled, and twirled her phone around his fingers. Then he opened it and showed her a picture of her and John together. "Is this your boyfriend?" he asked.

"You went through my phone. That's an invasion of privacy!" She sneered as she blushed slightly.

"Well, if I didn't go through your phone, how would I be able to find you?" The man raised his eyebrows.

All of a sudden, Sophia jumped at the man and tried to forcibly take her phone from him. The mad didn't expect that she would do something like that, and so he fell onto the seat with her.

Their two bodies were tightly interlaced as they grappled each other, their breath warm and hot. It was just like what happened last night, except for the fact that they could see each other clearly and that she was on top of him this time.

The man's face twisted to a complicated look. He released her and sat up straight. Sophia quickly scampered back to her seat, panting.

"From now on, you can't get closer to me than five feet!" She said through her teeth as she stared at him.

"You still haven't answered my question. Is he your boyfriend?" he said hoarsely as he straightened up the suit he was wearing.

"So what if he's my boyfriend?" She pouted.

"How is your relationship with him?" He asked, pressing further into the matter.

"That's none of your business!" scoffed Sophia.

"I'm asking in regards to your employment to me. I don't want my maid to have any unnecessary feelings while she's working!" His tone was cold and harsh. He needed the people he wanted to be pleasing to the eye and would have no problems while on duty.

"Don't bother, alright? I am not interested in you and I never will be!" She looked resolute and aggressive.

A complicated expression flashed through his eyes. He frowned and said coldly, "I'll give you a day to solve your problem."

With an exasperated sigh, Sophia rolled her eyes and got out of the car.

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