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Three years ago.

Yusuf POV

I was drowning in darkness, I could feel what was going on around me but I couldn't move, I couldn't even open my eyes. I heard what people around me were saying, their cries. The movement of one place to another but I couldn't open my eyes.

I didn't know how many days, weeks, months or years that I'd been living in the darkness.

I heard someone coming in, taking a seat. The person held my hands, stroking it softly. The person's hand was warm.

"Yusuf, wake up" it was my mom, she was crying as usual. "it had been so long dear. Just give a sign or twitch your finger or furrow your brow" She sniffled, I wished to move my hand to comfort her but it was impossible.

Some minutes pass before I heard the screech of the chair I believed she was sitting. She was going again. I'd like to stop her, I was tired of this darkness.

My eyes flutter opened, I blinked continuously so that my eyes could adapt to the ray of light.

"Mom" I croaked out and everything went blank.

I'd lost consciousness.


I'd been moved to another room after I'd regained consciousness. The doctor came in and asked me how I was feeling then I replied to him I was feeling okay except for the slight headache.

"What happened?" I asked on a low voice.

"You met with an accident two years ago" mum replied.

"Me? accident?" I asked dumbfounded because I couldn't remember being in an accident.


"But, why don't I remember?"

"What do you remember last?" as the doctor asked, I searched my deepest mind for anything but found nothing. I held my head while I felt immense pain.

"It's okay, don't force yourself. You'll remember with time" he advised.

"Sophia has given..." I looked her confused.

Who's the hell was Sophia?

The name sounds strange in my head.

"Mom" I cut her off when she was blabbing, "Who is Sophia?" she stared at me as I'd grown another pair of the head.

"Don't tell me, you don't know who Sophia is? She asked timidly while I nodded. She opened her mouth to scream or talk before the doctor dragged her out, telling her there was something important he needed to talk about.


Life had been going smoothly with my fiance and personal nurse (Khadijah) who regulated everything about my health. She told me to use our spare time to teach at school. Well, I did not resent it because I met a boy there - Abdullahi. He was a lovely kid, his parents were blessed t

there, " she told her and she went to the shelf as she took the medicine, the medicine slipped from her mind and fell. The pills scattered on the fall.

She came to my mother side, "the medicine has.." she sobbed on her clumsy shaky hands.

She was a misfortune.

I  held my head, breathing heavily. My eyes were opening and closing, I was fighting for consciousness. She and my mother tried to make me stand, as I stood up, I fell down with a loud thud and everything went dark.


When I woke up at the hospital, my mother narrated everything to me about Khadijah deeds. She chocked Sophia. I couldn't wait for her to wake up and plead for forgiveness.

How could I forget her?

My drug.

The air I breathe in.

My rock

I remembered everything.

The woman I called bad omen was my wife, the mother of my child.

The woman I called misfortune was my wife, the mother of my child.

We all went to her room, she was miserable. Her face looked paler than before. She was knowledgeable. Allah blessed her with knowledge. I could wait for her to come home with me. I grinned at my thoughts.

Then her mother broke the news that she was pregnant, my world shattered. They were laughing, I was breaking inside. When she noticed my expression, she stopped laughing and scribbled down something. Everyone left leaving only the guy, I and her.

She said she had moved on, she waited for me. I caused her pain.


I was feeling an agonizing pain inside.

My mind was crushed.

My brain was crumbled.

My heart was breaking.

I crouched on the ground, crying my heart out.

I'd lost her.


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