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The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 6412

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I dressed in my smoky red dress which hugged my bodice perfectly. The sleeves were long which had some different patterns at the hem. The dress was beautiful and it made me gorgeous in it. I wore my black wedge which had some stony particles on the top that was used to form love. I put on my black lengthy cape which compliments my smoky red dress. I went out of the room not without carrying my handbag along with me which filled with my purse, keys, Atm and my ID cards.

I opened the door and saw Abdulrahman had changed his outfits, he put on a black turtled neck polo which hugged his perfect chest. His V-line showed clearly with his scripture abs and his flexible muscles. His blue tailored pant reaching his cnemis. The glasses he put on added more to his beauty. Men with glasses were cool. He parked the car at the front of the house while he was jiggling the car key.

"Do you like what you see babe" he winked at me while I smiled in return.

He opened the front door for me, I entered gently and he pecked me before going to his side. He ignited the engine to life, he helped me with my seat belt not after stealing another kiss from me.

"We are we going" I voiced out, looking outside the window. The October breeze was coming in softly.

"We are going to a restaurant after that we will think of what to do" he responded, glancing at me.

He parked at the parking slot, opening the door for me like the gentleman he was. He held my right hand to his lips and kissed it before pulling me inside with him. He talked with the waiter and he said we should follow him. He took us to a reserved area at the top. It was different from the one downstairs.

Abdulrahman pulled out the booth for me to sit while I awed at him.

He sat in his own booth, taking the menu book to order. I took mine also, peeking through it to stare at him. He changed tonight because his beard looked fuller and blacker

ottles and all fell. Everyone screamed in happiness. Our opponents smirked at us. Arrogant much!

"If you win sweetheart" I breathed softly on his ear, "when we get home, I'm gonna kiss you the hundredth time, " I said sultrily. I thought that triggered him. After promising him, the ball he threw next hit all. We won the game and was given bars of chocolate. I squealed and hugged him while he swirled me around.

"Now to the merry go round" I giggled loudly but the rain used that moment to showed it presence. The sky was not even cloudy or dark.

Our fun was cut short. He carried me bride style outside. "Wait here S, lemme go drive the car, " he said and left me under the shade because of the rain. I loved the rain to let it pour all it might without showering me. I went inside the rain, playing and laughing around.

My laughter and jumping around was stopped by the image of a person walking to me.

I stood still where I was, looking at him with fear. I wanted to run but the fear I was feeling made me frozen in my position. Abdulrahman came to me and shook me from my hypnosis but I was not because the fear in me was greater. I knew he didn't see who I saw, who was coming but I knew he was coming for me. My vocal cord couldn't work. . . . .


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