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I woke up groggily; groaning, squinting my eyes because of the light. I felt a wave of nausea washed over, I stood up quickly went to the nearest washing basin and puked all the contents inside my stomach. I rinsed my mouth and face as I was walking out of the bathroom, I felt lightheaded. I held the nearest door for support or else I would have fallen with a loud thud on the floor.

My family rushed inside, coming to my side. Abdulrahman helped me to the bed and gave me a glass of water. That was what I needed.

I drank the water greedily like a thirsty camel. The water went down from my mouth to my stomach, my stomach rumbled. That was what happened drinking water when you wake up with anything in the stomach.

"What happened?" my voice croaked, my throat was paining me as I talked. Then I remembered everything. Khadijah choking me to death.

"The doctor said, you shouldn't stress your vocal cord. You shouldn't talk till it healed" Abdulrahman said while giving me a notepad and pen, "anything you want writes it here" he opened a blank page for me while I scribbled down "where is Khadijah" and showed him.

Yusuf's mother came to me, patted my head softly, "she has been arrested by the police. Our family doctor with the other nurse has been arrested also" she replied while I took my notepad to ask another question.

"What happened to me?"

"Due to some stress, and her choking you made you to collapsed" she stated, "I am sorry, " she said while I shook my head, why sorry?.

"Her father was my driver. Her father was a gambler, drunkard but he was one of my favourites that time because he was always punctual" I heard Yusuf's father said from behind. "I always lectured him to change but he never listened, then I started searching for any mistakes of his to make me fired him. One day he stole from me, he told me he had a debt to pay that was why he stole then I sacked him. Was I at fault that her father was a gambler or he stole my money?" he asked softly. "I never meant any harm to people, I knew her father had been stealing from me but I never caught him red-handed but when I did, I sacked him. Then why did she came to destroy my family? Why?" he cried, a lone tear escaped his eye duct.

Who said the man never cry? it was only a weak man that doesn't cry. I thought.

"I did nothing wrong but she came to destroy me

I took my notepad, "I'm sorry Yusuf, I really waited for you to come back for two years. I cried, prayed, wished and hoped that one day but Allah knows. Abdulrahman stood beside me in all those years of pain, hurt, depression. Even though he hurt me, I can't leave him because he is the love of my life "I choked on my tears.

"What of me?" his voice broke me.

"I don't know but I know Allah will give you your own spouse. Someone that will love you more than I will ever love you. Someone that will never leave you. Your joy and happiness. She'll be your queen and you will be her king." I cried.

"No" he shook his head, "I can't agree to this, you are my wife" he growled.

"Yeah, I know. I was your wife but now I'm my husband - Abdulrahman's wife. If you really love me as you said, you will let me go because I've let you go. If you really love someone, you will do anything for his or her happiness even if it means you let go" I wrote and mouthed to Abdulrahman "let's go".

Abdulrahman carried me out in bridal styles leaving Yusuf who was crouching on the floor crying his bleeding heart out. . . . .

And I pray to Allah to bless him with the coolest of his eyes.



How was the chappy?

Sophia is pregnant💃.


Me, I'm just looking at you people like 😂, when you are happy that Yusuf is alive😅 but what I want to do his making 😏. Have you forgotten that Sophia is married 🙄? And now she is pregnant 🤰. Sorry to break your heart 😔 but actually not sorry 😌 because I always say expect the unexpected 😜.

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