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I woke up groggily, I groaned tiredly, scrutinizing my eyes. The ray of light was too bright. The smell of disinfectant made my heart to constrict.

I hated the smell of the hospital!.

I hated hospitals!.

They held too unwanted memories.

But wait!.


Yusuf was alive!

Where was he since all these years!.

My eyes sting with unshed tears. I felt turned and betrayed.

He left me.

He didn't want me.

Why couldn't he divorce me and tell me he wasn't doing again?

Why did he make me suffer so much?

What have I done so wrong?

I cried silently in my palms, my body trembling with different kinds of emotions.

I heard footsteps coming closer to me but I didn't raise my head. I wasn't ready to face the reality and truth that Yusuf was alive.

It must be a dream

I must be hallucinating with all what was happening.

"Mom" I heard my boy voice calling me out of my misery.


"Arrre youu crying, " he asked softly, I knew he wasn't the only one in the room.

"No baby" I sniffed, "something entered mom's eyes" I hated lying to my boy. I raised my head up slowly, using the opportunity to quickly wiped any trace of tears away from my face. I knew my eyes would give away that I'd been crying because how red bloody shot it was and puffy.

"How are you feeling ma'am, " he asked in his manly deep voice which made me froze in my position.

My eyes brimmed with eyes, I bit my lips hard to stop it from trembling.

From wifey to ma'am.

From best friend to stranger

It hurt so much, for the person you care and love should deny you.

It hurt to be rejected.

I heard my boy's voice at the background telling me he would be outside.

I stood on my shaking legs and went to him, holding my breath. I needed to know if he was real. That I wasn't imagining it.

I touched his face with my shaking hands before whispered out "Yusuf"

He held my hand away from his face gently, "ma'am, it is very nice to meet you at last. Your son said to do much about you but I'm sorry to meet you like this and by the way" he wrinkled his nose, "I'm

nt. I was told when you fainted" he grumbled.

I was surrounded by betrayals.

I was kept in the dark for so long

"We are sorry Sophia, he loses his memory and couldn't remember you because he hit his head" mom tried to let me reason. But that didn't justify their betrayals.

It hurt so much, being betrayed by love ones.

I felt suffocated about how I was seeing them in the same room with me.

Mom crouched to my level and touched me. I flinched away before shouting "don't touch me".

All of them disgusted me.

"Get out" I yelled, at them, they still stood their ground looking at me with tears eyes.

I didn't care.

I was hurting

"Get out" I yelled again, throwing anything within my arm's length at them.

I shouted. I wanted to vest my frustrations, hurt, betrayals out.

They lied.

They deceived me.

They made me a soulless lady.

"Please let us explain, " mom said but I was having that.

"Out "

"It was not our fault, it was his parents ideal because....", I shut the door at them, didn't let them finish.

I didn't need there an explanation

They were all betrayals.

They broke my trust

They shattered my soul

Then I heard the voice again. The dark voice the voice that taunted my dreams, that always gave me chills and sleepless nights.

"You are nobody, no one will love you".

It was true I was nobody

I was no one


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