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The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 6150

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"Are you going?" He asked me.

Abdulrahman came early to checked on me whether I was doing great or not.

I told him I was going to Abdullah's school to meet the headmaster. He said the headmaster needed my attention.

"Is it necessary?" He whined, "can't you go out with me today".

"Abdulrahman!, I said this earlier that I was needed in his school and you didn't tell me you are coming today" I raised my brow to valid my point.

"Huff, but Sophia I wanted to talk to you" resat on the couch, facing me.

"What do you want, " I asked him.

"Sophia, sincerely I've changed, I'm now a changed man. Please forgive me for all I've done. I can't change it but I can make the present" he pleaded. I sighed tiredly and pinched the bridge of my nose.

"I've heard but please let me be back from Abdullah's school" I replied.

"Should I tag along?" He asked, buckling up his shoes.

"Yeah, if you want to babe" I winked.

"I'm going to shower, I'm coming, " I said walking to the door.

"Should I come and join you?" He grinned.

"In your dream honey, " I said sarcastically while the grin wiped off from his face.

"You are now a tease S" he groaned while I smirked at him.


"Assalamualaikum ma'am and sir, you are welcome to At-Tawheed school" the receptionist greeted us.

"Walaikum Salam warahmotullahi wabarakatuh" I replied.

"How may I help you, " she asked.

"I'm Abdullah's mother, it was said that the headmaster wanted to see me" I replied.

"Okay ma'am, let me call him, " she said and took the line phone.

"It's Abdullah's mother".." she's waiting here"..., " she should come in?", "Okay sir" she finished the call.

"Ma'am, you are free to go" she smiled cheekily at me.

I went straight to the headmaster's office while Abdulrahman trailing behind me mumbled some words under his brea

lass, I noticed his female teacher was glaring at me.

What's her deal, I thought.

"Moooom" my boy squealed at me before he jumped at the arm.

"Baby" I kissed him all over his face, before putting him down.

"What a-re you do-ing here mo-om" I'd forgotten I was in the middle of the class before I heard the class erupted in laughter.

I raised my head and saw the class were making fun of my boy. I was angry and super annoyed.

I marched to the teacher angrily, " can I have a moment with you" I seethed.

"Yeah" she scowled back.

"My baby..." She cut me off rudely.

"What are you doing here, nobody wants you. Why are you here? Plans wrecker" she snarled, looking around frantically, " he can't even remember you because..."

The door opened, I was backing the door, "mom me-et cap-tain Z" I heard my boy's happily voice.

As I stared up, I was shocked and surprised, my breathing hard. Dizziness washed over me.

Not again, I thought. Shaking my head furiously.

My chest constricted, everything was turning. I couldn't see anything clearly.

I must be going crazy!

And I mumbled out a word that I'd buried deep down my soul. . . . . .

"Yusuf" and everything went black.


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