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   Chapter 36 Book 2 8

The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 3218

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"SOPHIA" he yelled my name from downstairs. I dropped what I was doing and prayed silently to Allah to give him sabr*. I'm scared, he never called  me by my name except if he was angry. I rushed down; taking two steps per one. (Patience).

I saw him shaking in rage with a piece of paper in his hand, clenching his fist.

"Take" he gritted his teeth, holding the paper out to me. I collected quickly not wanting to anger him more.

I opened the paper and gasped out, using my hand to cover my mouth. I shook in fear.

Dear sopha Alli

How are you sweetheart?, it has been so long I've meet you. I miss you but worry less babe, I'm back. I'm coming for you.


Yours completely.

"What is the meaning of this?" He took a menacing step to me. I hovered in fear. "You are planning to leave me." He seethed.

"No" I shook my head frantically for him to believe me but I knew that was impossible.

"How dare you?, you whore" I winced.

He came t

. I laughed widely, wincing at the pain in my head.

I carried him to the couch and make him sat on my lap. "How was school today?" I asked, easing his back.

"School was fun today" he grinned, "captain Z came today" he clapped, beaming at me.

I arched my eyebrows, "who is captain Z?" I asked.

"Our teacher's husband" he jumped happily on my laps.

"We played together and he taught us some games too"

"Wow" I exclaimed. I laughed widely at him because I could see that he was happy because it was shown clearly on his face.

"When am I going to meet that captain Z" I teased him.

"Soon momma, soon " he smirked.


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