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~3 years later.

It had been five years now since Yusuf had left me but the memories of us together, I still held it to my heart.

It hurt so much that sometimes, I thought of killing myself because the pain was too much but I'd to be strong for my son- Abdullah.

I loved my son so much; he and Abdulrahman had become my source of happiness and my joy.

Since Yusuf's death, I was in control of his company and Zayn's company. I merged both together and changed the name.

I was the CEO of the company and my company was the number one and the main source of income to the country. The company had been expanded and blossom. It had many quarters in a different part of the world.

I was not that weak girl again. I became fearless that both males and females were afraid to face without nearly shitting themselves. It was rare to see me speak.

I dressed in my long A-shape skirt, pink shirt with my pink cape. I strode out of the house to my personal car and drove off.

I put on my strong facade outside like I was not dying inside.

My strong mask was on. I'd become a chess master.

Abdulrahman was always by side, always there for me. I'd also started my therapy session because of my suicidal attempts but I didn't think it was working because I still cried myself to bed and nightmares.


"Good afternoon ma'am, Abdullahi is with his dad, " the caretaker said, I only nodded and went to the terrace. I didn't talk or smile much except with my babies- Abdulrahman and abd

y last goodbye." I murmured, wiping the tears stain on my face.

"Okay, I understand. Take your time" he smiled lightly at me.

I needed to move on but I hoped I was not making a mistake of remarrying.


About Sophia's age, she was married at the age of eighteen. After some months of making him regret his decision. She fell in love with him and that was when Zainab appeared. She was nineteen when she was kidnapped by her; she used two weeks with her before she was taken by her manic father -Zain. She was abused for 9 months by that time she was 20 years. She was rescued and stayed in a coma for 15 days, and therapy session for a year. She got pregnant at the age of 21 and gave birth at the age of 22, plus her son age. She is 27.


How was the chappy?

Boring right?

Tighten your seatbelt and your handkerchief or tissue paper because of the roller coaster that's coming soon. 😏

And remember always expect the unexpected. Many characters are coming to life. 😁

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