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The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 4523

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"Come back here" I yelled after my two years old boy who was running butt-naked around while giggling.

This was what I used to face every day. He didn't like bathing.

Always running around when it was time for bathing, I groaned internally.

"No momma catch me" he grinned, showing his white pearls of milk teeth.

"Come" I ordered softly but he shrugged his shoulder a little.

"Catch me momma" he giggled, sticking out his tongue.

"Come have your bath" I stated and stopped running after him to take my breath.

He was so energetic.

"Momma, shower cold and baby cold". He whined.

"But I've mixed the water" I replied, taking a step to him.

"No momma, no school today then no bath today" he stuck his tongue out again while I laughed lightly."Dirty boy" I scrunched my nose.

"Momma, I am not dirty, I am fine" he responded.

Abdulrahman entered at that moment and stood by the door watching both of us. He ran to Abdulrahman and tugged his leg, hiding behind him as if I could not take him.

"What's going on" he smiled while I sighed and pinched my nose. "It's Abdullah, he should has his bath but no, he was running around doing hide and seek" I grumbled.

"Oh sorry S, the boy is so energetic" he chuckled lightly and handed me cold milk while I gulped it down greedily.

"Baby" Abdulrahman called him.

"Dada" he


"Because you ask questions that are bigger than your age. Well, your dada is not living with you guys because he is busy with work". I sighed and prayed silently to Allah to bring mom here this morning because I would make fool out of myself.

"But why will dada should be busy with work?, did he not want us?" he asked again downcasted while I was fiddling with my fingers.

"You ask too many questions baby" mom patted him.

"But..." Mom cut him off.

"Another time Abdul" momma replied.

The front door opened and Abdulrahman came in. My boy stood up and ran to him, shouting dada while Abdulrahman looked at me dumbfounded and I shrugged my shoulder.

He pinched my nose while I released an "ow" sound.

"Why?" I asked him while rubbing my nose.

"You were not replying me" he pouted.

"Baby another time, momma tired" I changed the topic and went inside.


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