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   Chapter 27 Book 1 Epilogue

The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 2989

Updated: 2020-02-09 09:44


Ya Allah!

Why me?

I cried as I screaming my vocal out.

It couldn't be, he could never leave me.

He promised and he had broken his promise.

Everything was numbed, I didn't feel anything, it was like a part of me was dead with him.

But where you now?, I whispered.

It had been 2months still thinking, he would be back to me, I missed you.

«Death is our friend and foe.

But we don't want to know that.

All that we think is, it is a homewrecker.

Anyplace where death visit.

The place will be dark; aura will be unhappy.

Death and we are strangers, but when it's our time to taste to death, it becomes our enemy.

Death becomes our friend irrespective of our; image, age, race, complexion, religion, height, attitude, popularity...

When it's our time.

Death doesn't care whether prepared or not.

It takes child leaves elder.

Takes wife leav

t happens to our loved ones.

We will say we understand the feeling until it happens to us.

Death is time.

Time is death.

It works with time, spend your time wisely, cherish, share, use it before it's too late, because you never know when last, you will talk or see them .before they taste to death and start blaming and regretting.

Death is true

Not illusion

It comes and goes

It takes and leaves

Till it remains nothing left.

We will all taste to death but the death might be different.

And the death will also taste to death one day.».


The End.

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