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"A boy or a girl" I asked Yusuf, titling my head a little to looked at him, because we were both wrapped up in each other embraced.

"Any gender, I don't care" he responded.

"I wish for twins, a boy and a girl" I beamed halpily.

"Then it's okay by me" he replied then pecked my lips.

The bump in my stomach was prominent now, it was clear that I was pregnant for real.

I'd freaked out when we did the first ultrasound. I couldn't believe I was having a little life in me.

"What should we name him or her" I raised my brow.

"Any name you like or want"he said curtly, giving short answers. I was feeling waves of anger building up in me waiting to be released.

"What of abdullahi or amotullahi?" I asked then he hummed in response.

I stood up abruptly "why did you hummed, can't you answer or my questions are too much?" I inquired, putting my two hands on my waist.

He shook his head and said"no" looking confused.

"I was suggesting name for the baby but you choose to hummed in response" I accused him while pointing to him.

"I'm sorry" he muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"You are sorry?" he nodded in agreement.

"But did I tell you I'm angry" I narrowed my eyes on him.

"Don't sorry, what do you want me to say" he sighed.

"What did I want to say?, uhn? My troubles are too much right?" I stomped my feet angrily.

His eyes widened before he said " no you aren't, I like you for that".

"You like me because of my disturbance?"I exclaimed dramatically.

He moved closer to me "I love everything about you" he said then wiped off the tears.

I didn't know why I was always emotional and hormonal than normal.

Was it because I was pregnant?


It was 1:00pm, I woke up urgently because I

rself...."he trailed off and his eyes closed to their own accord, his beating stop.

I screamed his name out loudly enough for all mankind to hear.

I felt myself being shaken up by someone, I woke up with tears in my eyes and sweating profusely..

"Yusuf, where is my husband?" I asked frantically.

The nursed looked me with pity, concern, worried, pained.

" You've been out for three hours but congratulations you give birth to bouncing baby boy." she said with so much sadness.

"I knew but where is my yusuf " I asked impatiently because I had a gut feeling that something bad had happened because of what I dreamt earlier.

"We are sorry, we tried our best but He who gives life has taken it" I looked confused I didn't understand what she was saying, she was talking in parables and it was scaring and confusing me.

"We lost him in the car accident...




I'm felt an agonizing pain throughout my body.

I felt pain more than what I was subjected to before.

I felt my world shattered into pieces.

Happiest moments became saddest moments.

And I screamed like I'd never before.

But upon all, I felt numbed.


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