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The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 5514

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I was currently in pure bliss, cloud nine, smiling cheekily, happy because we did the deed the other night.

The aftermath, I was sore I meant I couldn't walk properly. It was painful, pleasurable and was enjoyable.

It was bitter sweet.

He carried me to the bathroom and bathed for me like a baby.

We cuddled and I slept like I'd never, waking up from my long nap, I felt a gentle hand touching me, urging me to wake up. I woke up and saw it was Yusuf; waking me to eat.

He was so handsome and sexy.

All mine.

I was shy with all the scars on my body but he kissed all and told me I was beautiful with and didn't change his love for me.

It mended my soul and heart.

It made my love to multiply than before.

It made me forgot all my insecurities.

It made me forget all the bad memories and made me had confidence in my body.

The other night was memorable and awesome.


We were in sitting room cuddling and watching film together when a question pop in my head. The question I'd been meaning to ask but always waved it off.

"Ife Mi*, let's play twenty questions"I said looking at him with pure love and he hummed in response. (My love)

"How and when did you start loving me or how did you know me upon all the beautiful girls outside there" he frowned his face then pecked my lips murmuring, "I shouldn't say that".

"Since the first time I set my eyes on you, when you were playing playing in the rain. You look happy and carefree, I love the bubble, cheerful girl I fell for. I've love you since that moment till now and forever because when I set my eyes I know that I was already lost. Babe

s Okon mi* like you've know that I'd be hungry"I spoke, starting to eat the meal.

I was busy engrossed with stuffing my food when I heard Yusuf telling me congratulation. I was surprised and wondering what had happened to him when I fainted earlier.

"Watcha yhu comgchatshulatshing me for" I rambled all my words together.

"We are having plus one with our family" I looked at him  bewildered.

Was he really okay?.

"How would you feel when someone calls you mum?" He asked excitedly.

"I would feel happy and the most happiest person on earth" I grinned cheekily while he chuckled lightly.

"But why are you asking me?" I asked confusedly.

"Because Wifey you make me the happiest man on earth because you are.." and he took a lungful breath and one word that made me chocked and coughed vigorously. . . . .

"Pregnant" he exclaimed.

"Pregnant?"I asked, I was shocked and paled liked I'd seen a ghost.

"Yes pregnant" he replied and kissed me with gentleness and tenderness.

Please, wait !!! Was that how female got pregnant????. I screamed out in my head.


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