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Feeling emotional or physical numb or a general lack of emotions, it could cause a sense of isolation or emotional disconnected from the rest of the world. The numbness could be unbearable for many people who experienced it.

My therapist said many things about the numbness and shut down I was having.

She said I was physically and emotionally damaged because of the abuse I'd passed through.

Emotional damage could leads to someone to had anxiety, fear, guilty, shame, self blame, withdrawal, sad, hopeless, disconnected and numbed.

Physical damage could leads to insomnia, nightmare, racing of heartbeat, edginess and agitation.

Sometimes some event might trigger the painful memories.

If you'd been traumatized, it could leave you struggling with upsetting emotions, memories and anxiety wouldn't go away. It could leave you numb, disconnected and unable you to trust other people.

When bad things happened, it could take a while to get over the pain and feel safe again. But self-help and support could speed up the recovery.

Whether it happened yesterday or years ago, you could make healthy change and move on with your life.

For a while your response will be normal to abnormal reactions.

But when the pain wanted to kick in; learn to move your legs. When feeling disoriented, confused, upset, learn to take a mindful breath to calm down;  take 60breath - in and out.

Learn how to express your feelings, don't bolt it in, either write it down or talk about it.

And lastly, if you are experiencing emotional numbness, no matter how you feel, you're not alone, it couldn't last forever. Reach out to people who love you, let them in. It could help you to bridge the gap and begin a new life.


I still remember all what my therapist did tell me, it had been a year now. And I was already moving on, getting to step on my own. But I always flinch when people yell around me.

Today Yusuf sent me massage to get ready by 7:00pm, he was taking me out.

I was very happy I loved him so much. He had always been there for me; patience, cared for me.

And today I was going to declare my love to him and make a move. (It had been two years, we got married and haven't do the deed).

By 7:00pm he was waiting for me in his suit, I walked downstairs slowly like a princess I was. According to him. I was his princess.

I called maryam earlier to picked a dress for me with makeup.

I wore a long red gown the gown was very beautiful, it hugged


Now and forever I

I'll be there for you

I know it deep in my heart~

I looked at him with eyes glistening with tears, It was overwhelmed "I love you Yusuf, without you ..." He didn't allowed me to finish before he stood and scooped me up. My legs immediately wrapped itself around his waist.

"You love me?" He asked like he didn't believe his ears and I nodded happily with tears on my face.

"Please can you say it again" he asked softly.

"I love you Yusuf Umar"I screamed at the top of my voice before I smiled widely at him.

He looked at me in eyes and to my lips. He stared into my eyes and smiled. His eyes fulled of love, protection, security, safety, respect, adoration and patience.

Our lips met, it was as if fireworks exploded throughout my body, I shivered and heard him groaned.

At first the kiss was gentle, softly with promises and tenderness but then it grow bigger and intense.

He raised me up, I opened my mouth to gasped when he lunged his tongue in my mouth, tasting and sucking my lips, his hand roamed around my body, making me hot.

I was hot!

I needed him now!

We parted because we were mortals and needed air to breath, I looked at him to his lip, his lips was swollen from the recent activity.

I bended my head to take his lips but he moved his head, I let out a whinny sound while he chuckled and put me down on my shaky legs.

"Home" he rasped out in his husky deep voice. I was trying to know what he meant before he kissed me softly. He looked at me to him and him to me gesturing... I understand.

I laughed, I understand. Couldn't wait again.


That was my first kiss.


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