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It was the fifteenth day at the hospital, she regained consciousness yesterday after losing her in comatose state.

The doctor had said, her brain and body had shut down due to the abused, so they should be wishing for Allah's shifa and miracle.

Zaid was shot by Khaleed that was what they thought because Khaleed had escaped in the blinked of eye and others had been arrested. It was Zaid that shot Sophia because he saw it with his own eyes.

Something was still baffled Yusuf or wondered him was that before Zaid death, he had willed all his properties for Sophia.


That man was a psychopath.

The doctor said Yusuf should search for a therapist for Sophia, because of the terror and trauma.

Whenever she woke up, she looked fearful, afraid and nervous. Whenever he tried to reachor touch her, she flinched and begged. Her heartbeat changed, it started beating faster that the monitor beeped furiously round the room.


Yusuf and Sophia met the therapist, she called Yusuf and talked to him privately.

"Hello Mr Umar " greeted the doctor while smiling.

"Hi doc, you asked for me" said Yusuf slumping on the wooden chair in her office because he was tired and frustrated of all what was happening.

"It is about your wife" her expression changed slightly, reading from her clipboard, "her conditions are worsen than we think of it. She has been subjected to abuse since her childhood" she took a breath and pause, " by the person that was supposed to protect her, we will try our best but in Allah we trust because He is the one who heals and you've your role to play to help her".

"Some people have how they deals with abuse, some shut themselves and your wife is among them" said the doctor softly, raising her brows at him as he was following her discussion.

He nodded.

"Be patience and understanding; because healing takes time. Don't judge her reaction against

pity, sympathy and care.

I hated that look!, I didn't need their pity.

"Be-cauuuse..."I stuttered, my heartbeat was raising, I was hyperventilating.

She came to me and soothed my back "If you don't want to talk about it, it's okay, I understand" she said understanding.

Hell to understand!

You can never understand because you are not the one who experience it. You only know the theory but I go through the practical. I thought.

"No, you don't, And I want to talk about it" I paused and took a deep breath.

"He said I'm a murderer, I killed her and crave it on my body, so that I won't forget. " I said lowly, remembering the pains, my scream from help till I passed out.

"No Sophy, you are getting it wrong, just because he said you're a murderer don't make you one". She continued while soothing my back.

"Just because I tattooed 'I'm a dog on my body', doesn't mean I am one or behave like one. And Sophy did you kill her?" She asked while I shook my head.

"That's means you are not a murderer, he was trying to manipulate your brain and heart" she said.

"No, it's my fault"

"No dear" she hugged me, "not yours" and then closed my eyes.

For the first time after the incident, I felt relieved.

I felt I was feeling better.


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